MediaTek releases eight-core processor MT6592

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Summary: MediaTek today officially released eight nuclear processor MT6592 in Shenzhen. Xiaiqingjiang, general manager of MediaTek, said MediaTek's smartphone chip shipments were about 110 million in 2012, with more than 200 million shipments expected this year and more partners to use MediaTek's chip


MediaTek today officially released eight nuclear processor MT6592 in Shenzhen. MediaTek general Manager Xiaiqingjiang said MediaTek's 2012 smartphone chip shipments of about 110 million, this year is expected to ship more than 200 million, more partners will increase the use of MediaTek chip procurement efforts.

Xiaiqingjiang also revealed that the use of MT6592 platform eight nuclear mobile phone processor will be in December with the first quarter of 2014 batch listing, including Huawei, Cool faction, ZTE, TCL, Oppo and other enterprises will be released in an intensive eight-core products.

MediaTek introduced the performance of MT6592 in detail at the press conference and highlighted the comparison with the main competitor Qualcomm products, specifically:

1, MT6592 using 28nm technology, is the world's first use of low-power arm A7 implementation of eight core configuration and arm Mail GPU combination of mobile application system chip, and Samsung "size eight core" different, MediaTek 8 cores can be run simultaneously;

2, the frequency up to 1.7-2.0ghz;

3, Quad core RAM Mail 3D image processor, up to 700MHz, can support FULL-HD 60fps HD video playback;

4, support 16 million mobile phone camera, support face beautification and many other functions;

5, the entire first support Full HD 1080P 30fps h.265 and Google VP9 video decoding format, and support 4K H.264 video decoding;

6, MediaTek in the digital TV chip has more than 10 years of development history, MT6592 has pioneered the intelligent video frequency multiplier-clearmotion, supporting the 15/24/30fps to play, can be the same high-definition digital TV quality;

7, MT6592 and Gaotong Dragon 800 chip compared with the same performance, such as An run more than 32000, quadrant more than 18000;

8, compared with Qualcomm platform, MediaTek chip solution can save more than 50% of development resources, while speeding up the speed of 50% of the market, and reduce repair operational risk;

9, MT6592 chip temperature than Gaotong Dragon 800 series calorific value is smaller, more power saving, can maintain long-term peak performance stability;

10. CSDN survey shows that more than 80% of developers support eight core processors, multimedia games, multi-application windows, chat social and other mobile applications will be more suitable for the eight-core processor.

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