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Recently, with a friend of the network editor of a hospital to communicate, found that now the medical article pseudo original way is really various, here the dialogue mentioned in some ways to share to everyone, or like everyone to make some comments, because these methods are still in the test, hoping to find a few better pseudo original way.

1. Go head to tail type

Operating mode: In Baidu to find an article directly copy over, the first paragraph and the last section of the article to remove, plus their own hospital information, is generally the beginning of the problem with the hospital customers, and the end of the professional introduction of the hospital, plus telephone and other hospital information can be.

Advantages: Convenient and quick, can be mass production

Disadvantages: High repeatability, low originality

2. Sino-British-Chinese

Operation Method: Also in Baidu to find an article, and then put into Google translation, translated into English, and then continue to use it, and then translated into the English translation into Chinese, so that the order of the sentence can be sorted.

Advantages: The original speed, high degree of originality

Disadvantages: When sorting statements, compare the head

3. Tool type (general synonym change)

Operation mode: Online search a lot of pseudo original tool program, random download a use. Then the statement can be sorted.

Advantages: Fast

Disadvantage: Low originality, the statement does not pass

4. Self-translation (translate yourself in your own words)

Mode of operation: casually find an article, read a passage, and then use their own words to express the basic meaning, that is, the rewriting of the primary school.

Advantages: high degree of originality

Disadvantage: time-consuming and laborious

5. Write-Out abbreviations

Mode of operation: Find an article, the passage of a sentence in it is summarized, one of the words in a sentence to express it.

Advantages: high degree of originality

Disadvantages: Time-consuming and laborious, demanding higher

Medical articles of the pseudo original way far more than these, there are some other alternative pseudo original way, the next time to share to everyone, thank you!

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