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Medical website Construction Plan


I. Project Objective 3

1.1 Demand Analysis 3

1.2 Website goals and expectations 3

1.3 Website Design principles 4

1.4 Solution 4

Second, the overall structure of the website 6

Third, the main columns and Web site management function Description 7

3.1 Home 7

3.2 Medicine 7

3.3 News Center 7

3.4 Products Show 11

3.5 Product supply and demand 13

3.6 HR 13

3.7 at your service 14

3.8 Member Center (recommended column) 14

3.9 Customer Feedback 15

IV. website analysis and statistic system 18

V. Network Promotion 24

Vi. our Advantage 24

6.1 Technical Force 24

6.2 Solution 24

6.3 Project Management 25

6.4 After-sales service 25

VII. website Rights Management 25

VIII. Website Construction progress and implementation process 25

8.1 Project partnerships with members 25

8.2 Project Implementation Method 26

Ix. Cost estimates 27

9.1 Website Section 27

9.2 Website Promotion Quote 29


1.1 Requirements Analysis

Now the development of the network has been commercialized, national, globalization trend. At present, almost all the companies in the world are using the network to transfer business information, business activities, from the promotion of enterprises, advertising, recruiting employees, transfer of business documents and even expand the market, online sales, omnipotent. Today, the network has become a strategic means for enterprises to compete. Diversified expansion of enterprise management, the further expansion of enterprise scale, for the management of enterprises, business expansion, corporate brand image, etc. to provide a higher demand. In the new economic conditions supported by information technology, more and more enterprises use the network as an effective tool. The site has been from the demonstration stage into the real phase, especially for the enterprise to provide a showcase their own stage, for consumers to create a understanding of the business shortcuts. The company can establish a commercial platform, the implementation of All-weather sales services, with the help of the network to promote the image of enterprises, publicity products, corporate news, at the same time through information feedback to enable companies to better understand the psychology and needs of customers, Web site virtual companies and entities of the operation and operation of organic combination, will be conducive to the expansion of the company's product sales channels, and save a lot of advertising and operating costs, better grasp business opportunities.

With the development of global information Network, the Internet is not only a kind of technology in the world, but more importantly, it has become a new business model. From the 4C (Connection.,communication, Commerce, co-operation) level radically changed the way of human work, learning, life, entertainment, has become the national economic and regional economic growth of the main power. The internet is becoming the world's largest public information repository, which contains countless information resources and all the latest information is available through web searches. More importantly, most of the information is free, the application of E-commerce can enable enterprises to obtain in the traditional mode can not get the huge amount of business information, in the fierce market competition leading opponents. The internet is a real business opportunity.

As a professional engaged in pharmaceutical sales of large enterprises, * * Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. more need to build a good website, as the external publicity, services and investment to attract the carrier, to meet the company's development and needs, so that the site has a distinctive industry characteristics, so that more customers through the Network Alliance * * Pharmaceutical Co.

1.2 Website goals and expectations

1, establish a new corporate image

For a household goods sales-oriented large enterprises, corporate brand image is essential. Especially for the highly developed Internet technology today, most customers are through the network to understand the enterprise products, corporate image and enterprise strength, therefore, the image of the corporate site often determines the customer's confidence in the enterprise products. The establishment of a website with international standards can greatly enhance the overall image of the enterprise.

2, enhance sales force

Sales force refers to the product's comprehensive quality advantage in the sales of the embodiment. Modern marketing theory holds that sales are spread. The success of sales, in addition to deciding whether the products can be fully spread out, but also to see the target object from the number of effective information. Because of the "one-to-one" nature of the Internet, target audiences can choose their own useful information autonomously. This in itself has decided that consumers have an interest in the information has been a prerequisite. The dissemination of information is not subjective to consumers, but by consumers selectively active absorption. At the same time, product information through the advanced design of the website, both the advantages of the newspaper information, combined with the television sound, light and electricity of the comprehensive stimulation advantages, can firmly attract the target object. Therefore, the product information dissemination of the effectiveness will be greatly improved, and that is to improve the product sales force.

3. Increase added value

Many people know that buying a product buys not only the tangible things that are visible, but also the unseen after-sales service. This is the added value of the product. The higher the added value of the product, the more competitive the market is, the more popular the consumers will be. Therefore, enterprises to win the market must do everything possible to improve the value-added products. At this stage, the traditional means of after-sale service has been far from meeting the needs of customers, to provide consumers with convenient, effective, real-time 24-hour online service, is a new embodiment of the project value-added direction. Customers around the world at any time can download their own information through the site, online access to difficult solutions, online submission of their own questions.

Summary of the above points, * * Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. website construction objectives can be summarized as follows:

1) to help the group to establish an effective corporate image publicity, corporate style display, corporate product promotion, to create a "* * Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd." new image.

2 make full use of the network fast, trans-regional advantages for information transmission, the company's news timely report.

3 through the online supply and demand system to achieve online supply and demand information inquiries, ordering, trading links, optimize the information channels.

4 to provide enterprises and customers with an open online platform to enhance the system's internal and external information exchange, experience exchanges.

1.3 Website Design Principles

Commercial Principles

As an important part of the business operation of the Enterprise, it serves the external communication of corporate culture of the * * Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., serves the establishment of communication channels between enterprises and customers, enterprises and employees, perfects the Enterprise service system, creates more business opportunities, and provides scientific decision support for the business operators.

The principle of Brand

To provide customers with valuable products and services, fully embodies the "* * Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd." brand advantages, focus on shaping the corporate network brand personalized image, so that attention resources as far as possible into the brand consumption, establish a loyal "* * Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd." consumer groups.

Principles of Economics

Set up a network platform suitable for the needs of the trading company, providing a wide range of functions to cover the needs of users, flexible data processing to meet the needs of highly user-friendly, save the cost of website construction, and ensure its better expansion and openness; at the same time, the site has a web-based interface management background, Enterprises can independently of most of the content of the site to update, modify the operation, saving the enterprise website operating costs, improve the information update, dissemination efficiency.

The principle of extensibility

The site's overall planning and framework design is extensible, the design of the front page to ensure that the enterprise site in addition to the column will not destroy the overall structure of the site. Background database design has a high degree of expansion, enterprises can according to the needs of columns, categories of increase, delete, modify.

1.4 Solutions

1. Interface structure

Our professional designers according to * * Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. CI style, website function, the use of the latest performance technology comprehensive design, fully embodies the * * Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. large corporate image.

2. Function module

Website construction to the simplicity of the interface, functional module flexibility for the principle, for * * Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. website design and maintenance personnel to provide an independent update maintenance of dynamic space and play room to improve their website to achieve an investment, long-term benefits, reduce costs of the fundamental purpose.

3, website promotion,

We have many years of in-depth research on the Internet technology, the status of China's Internet and the development of the trend of grasp, as well as in the website to promote services, mature experience, can provide the most professional, most effective, most economical website promotion services.

4. Content Theme

Design center of gravity to customer-centric, around the needs of customers targeted design practical concise columns and practical functions, greatly facilitate customer understanding of enterprise Services, advisory services technical support, problem solving, personalized product advice, such as a series of needs in * * Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. on the website to meet the needs of the process of meeting one by one, to achieve product display, service technical support, problems, feedback, join, etc. as a whole, fully help the customer experience to * * Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. a full range of services;

5. Human Resources

Easy to use for the development of the Web site management background, site administrators can open multiple administrator accounts, for each administrator to set the administrative rights, the system automatically for an administrator to configure management background, the background only allow the administrator to manage their columns with administrative rights. At the same time, the website development has the level management function member system, can the dealer, the agent, the ordinary customer, the company staff, the website Administrator classification management, sets up the access, the Management authority respectively. This makes the entire website run methodically, at the same time also do a dedicated full-time, the right to be clear.

6. Website Maintenance

For the maintenance personnel of * * Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd to carry on the daily maintenance, the renewal technical training, the project development successful enterprise can complete to the entire website maintenance renewal.

Second, the overall structure of the website

Note: Red text (Member Center, Member login) for the recommended module

Third, the main columns and Web site management function description

* * Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. website column structure as shown above. The column plan takes fully into account the need to display the corporate image and enlarge the popularity of the company. Web site uses a number of dynamic modules, enterprises can independently and independently complete most of the content of the site update, at the same time, designed to display * * Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. image-oriented, mainly reflects * * Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. website of the overall aesthetic. Enhances the enterprise in the visitor heart the affinity cognition degree, causes * * Medicine Limited Company's product for more customer's attention.

The website content and the structure frame design seeks to embody the simplicity and the humanization thought, in the function design with the enterprise's business model, the management thought, the development strategy. The design of the page will fully embody * * Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Large enterprise image, in the framework of the layout, color matching and the appropriate interspersed flash animation to do just right, so that the entire site in order to ensure the function of the user to bring good visual enjoyment and spiritual pleasure.

3.1 Home

The homepage is the first content page of the website, the newest and most recommended content of the whole website will be shown here. To achieve the company's corporate image of the harmonious unity; in the production of ASP dynamic page, the system can call the latest content in the first display. In the content, the homepage has the company's news hot spot, the recommendation product and so on information, and the administrator can update the content of the homepage dynamically in the backstage, causes the entire website to be full of vigor and vitality constantly. In the design, focus on the coordination of the primary and secondary relationships, to create a high ease of use and visual comfort of the human-computer interface as the ultimate goal. To give visitors a refreshing feeling, attract visitors to visit the * * Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. website regularly.

3.2 Medicine

This column includes "Company Profile", "Leaders '", "" civilized Party Building "," Corporate Culture "," development process "," honorary certificate "six two columns, using static pages, the main function is to promote enterprises, through the basic situation, cultural concepts, services, product understanding, so * * Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. for more customers familiar with, trust. In the page design, we use a variety of flexible animation effect, and strive to * * Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Corporate image to be the best communication.

Modules include:

Ø Company Profile: This page uses static page, the content is conduction company's management idea, the enterprise value, uses the modern network media superiority to establish the Enterprise brand and the image.

Ø leader speech: to the picture a phrase to show the company's leadership and the vast number of consumers together, you can increase the trust of consumers.

Ø Civilized Party construction: This page uses the picture and the text expression form to show the Company party committee and the Union personnel's work, manifests the big enterprise rigorous working team.

Ø Company Culture: This page introduces the unique culture atmosphere of Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Ø Development process: The page in the form of ladder-like expression is * * Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. for several years of development process, with memorabilia as the end point, can reflect * * Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. extraordinary experience, so that all customers feel authentic.

Ø Honor Certificate: This page placed * * Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. over the years to obtain a variety of certificates, to the visitors to trust.

3.3 News Center

This column is dynamic, its main content is timely release of * * Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Company's internal news, activities and the entire pharmaceutical industry news, including the introduction of the relevant policies and regulations. Also includes the electronic journal of the content of * * Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. So that visitors can always pay attention to * * Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. website.

Module Introduction

You can use this system to construct a news content page, automatically generate the first page of the news connection, at the same time produce a historical news list, provide a news page management interface, automatic release of industry news, and news content page support insert pictures and Web page code, automatic display information and release time. It greatly reduces the Web site maintenance workload, speed up the dissemination of information speed, so that the site always maintain vitality and influence.

Module features

1 support News by category, keywords, release date and other conditions to retrieve

2 support for the management of news categories, to add, delete, modify news categories

3 support pictures, each piece of news can be fitted with the picture, and choose the picture and text display way

4 When releasing the news, the administrator can according to the importance of the news, specify whether the news belongs to the hot news

Module function Description

• News front Desk--the page displayed on the homepage

Note: If the news with a picture or is defined as hot news, the title will have a small icon display, and priority display.

• News front--News Detail Display page

• News Backstage--category add

• News Backstage--category list

• Background News Add page

• Background News list management page

3.4 Product Show

This column is an important part of the whole website, mainly is the display of Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Enterprise Products column.

The product attribute of the enterprise if the specification, the same kind of product has the same attribute, and the product quantity is more, the update is also more frequent case, we recommend to use the product display system to manage your product. In this way, the release of product information is very convenient, fast, but also to the site visitors to provide a very powerful product quick lookup function.

Module features

1 Admin can manage product classification, product category is divided into level or two

2 admin can publish, delete, modify product information

3 administrator can specify whether the product is displayed, whether it belongs to new products, hot products.

4 administrator can specify the order of new products, hot products display

5 Support products by large classification, small classification, keyword fuzzy search;

※ Module Display

Product Foreground-Product Display page

Product Foreground-Product Details Display page

• Product background-product category add page

Product Backstage--Product list

3.5 Product Supply and demand

This column is dynamic, mainly uses the backstage program according to the market or the customer demand releases the newest supply information and the newest purchase information.

Information in the background is very convenient, fast, and in the foreground can give visitors to the site to provide a very powerful product quick lookup function.

3.6 Human Resources

This column is divided into two parts:

One is the Putian science and technology personnel system, mainly announces the Putian technology company to the in-service staff's request, the training information.

Second, Putian Technology's latest recruitment notice, for the company's talent resource pool to add new vitality.

3.7 at your service

This column is static, mainly for the company to do after-sales service, improve the company's service system. Mainly can be divided into four parts (service Tenet, Service Hotline, FAQ, contact us)

The common problem is refers to the work of the customer frequently consulted issues summed up, and listed related explanations, lest the relevant staff repetitive work, can greatly improve work efficiency.

3.8 Member Center (recommended column)

This column is dynamic, the Member Center is the company collects, grasps, manages the customer and the potential customer information an effective way, through the member system may enhance the visitor to the Medicine limited company the loyalty degree. At the same time, the company often send a number of corporate information, supply and demand information, promotional activities to improve the site in the viewer's psychological friendliness. Also when a portion of the information on the site is restricted access, there are some columns only members can participate (such as message board), or with the actual operation, or as a way of enterprise profitability and with other systems for service, product promotion, need to recruit some members from the site need to use, Can be used for this system.

※ Module Features

1 visitors fill in the registration form online, after the background administrator audit immediately become a member of the website

2 Backstage set up the member management interface, the administrator may carry on the classification inquiry (date, the name) to the member information, deletes the invalid member.

3 member systems generally need to be combined with other systems to provide auxiliary login verification for other systems

Module function Description

• Member Add Display page

• Member List Display page

• Member Admin Display interface

3.9 Customer Feedback

This column is an interactive dynamic column, is the website manager obtains the website visitor feedback information an important source. It is mainly to provide a public information publishing platform, especially for the enterprise as a personal Office Assistant and Enterprise and Enterprise exchange of information, make it possible to query information anytime and anywhere mobile office. It consists mainly of two parts.

One is customer feedback: Customers or Web site visitors to the site or the company have any ideas or views to tell the company, but do not want to let other Web site visitors to see, customers can be in this section online to fill in the product or other content comments, feedback form sent to the webmaster email. (pictured below)

Customer fill in information online

The second is customer message. Visitors to the website may raise their own questions or indicate their views, feelings and so on about the products, services and related knowledge. and enterprise full-time staff can timely release feedback information. All these words form the communication will be recorded in the system, for other visitors to browse, reference. This will create a clear and purposeful communication environment and improve the efficiency of information retrieval. Enterprises can also provide technical support for the layout, online response to visitors to submit questions, as a part of the Enterprise after-sales service system.

※ Module Features

A, topic-message content Level two structure, clear;

B, can support to members of the message or to all open message;

C, all the message content displayed on the site, can allow other visitors to browse;

• Forum Front Desk--The Forum homepage displays the page

• Management background-message board article management

V. Network Promotion


The good wine is also afraid of the alley deep, the site exists and the development of the reason is that it can be more people know, use, so that the site can play the biggest function. Therefore, website promotion is an essential link. We have many years of in-depth research on the Internet technology, the status of China's Internet and the development of the trend of grasp, as well as in the website to promote services, the mature experience, can provide the most professional, most effective, most economical website promotion program. The following is the promotion program we recommend according to the actual situation of the enterprise:

(1) Network real name (we can provide services)

• Daily, the use of the real name of the network more than 30,000,000 people;

• Network real name covers more than 90% of Chinese internet users;

300,000 company registered the network real name, including thousands of well-known domestic and foreign companies, every minute there are 1 enterprises successfully registered!

• In IE, Netscape, opera and other browsers can use the real name of the network;

3721 Network real name has become the world's largest user name system, become the Chinese network addressing the fact of the standard.

(2) Search engine promotion (we can provide services)

CNNIC (China Internet Information Center) survey shows that the search engine is the most important way for users to learn new sites, the Internet market data analysis shows that the search engine is the most commonly used network services (accounting for 51.3%), and 80% of Internet users are accustomed to the search engine to enter the "key Words" Search the way to find information of interest

Search engine advertising is known as the most cost-effective online advertising, has become the current Internet market generally depressed situation in a unique bright spot.

The most efficient and most visited search engine in China:

Vi. Our Advantages

6.1 Technical Force

We have a team of more than 30 Web site building, they are in the Internet, enterprise information and other fields of senior professionals, with the development of many large-scale projects successful experience.

6.2 Solutions

We have experienced website planning professionals, and has been focused on the accumulation of industry solutions, with a wealth of web site overall planning experience, can fully tap customer demand, correct grasp of the Internet development status quo, so as to provide customers with the Internet as a whole solution.

6.3 Project Management

We have a set of practical application and continuous improvement of the implementation methods and experienced project management personnel, has formed its own unique management methods to ensure that each of our projects can be successfully completed, effective collaboration with various professionals to participate in, organized and planned resources management and distribution, And to the maximum extent possible to ensure that our project on time, according to the premise of quality.

6.4 After-sales service

VII. Website Authority Management

The system strictly restricts the permissions of different administrators (webmaster).

Administrative permissions on each module can be specified separately, for example, an administrator has the company dynamic permissions, customer service management rights, an administrator has the product world management rights, an administrator has all the permissions. This can not only make the whole site of the huge management function decomposition to all managers, to ensure effective management, but also improve the security of the entire site.

VIII. Website Construction progress and implementation process

8.1 Project partnerships with members

Based on the content and scope of the project, we will set up a 6-person project team to be responsible for the development of this project. The specific responsibilities are as follows:

Key members of our project

L Project Manager (1 persons)

Project Manager is responsible for project management, organization, coordination, control of project resources, is the project can be implemented according to the plan to meet the requirements of the business requirements of the project. The project manager is responsible for the quality, schedule and cost of the project. The project manager is responsible for the management of the customer relationship and the principal counterpart of the client project manager.

and responsible for the entire project database structure and functional program design.

L Senior Programmer (3 people)

Responsible for external website and internal service System program and multimedia development.

L HTML Production (1 people)

Responsible for Web page template making and HTML construction.

• Creative Design Director (1 people)

The direction and design of the creative, planning, visual design and interactive presentation in the project as a whole

, to control, guide and supervise the quality of project planning and design.

Principal member of client project

L Project Manager

The project manager is responsible for the project management, organization and coordination work, sign various project documents, and be responsible for the whole project throughout.

8.2 Project Implementation Methods

The effectiveness of project management is directly related to the success or failure of the project. In particular, the implementation of the Internet-related new technology application projects, both at home and abroad are a certain degree of difficulty, but also the need for successful project management. We are fully aware of this and are ready to do so. We have a wealth of experience in project management, and have a practical application and continuous improvement of implementation methods and experienced project management personnel.

Our project management closely follows the principles of the World Program Management Association (Project Management Cato), combining the features of Internet project IT systems development and creative design, our approach is not suitable for projects with a large number of systems application development and creative design. has been reflected and verified in our more and more successful projects.

The implementation of the project is to ensure that each of our projects can be successfully completed, effective collaboration with various professionals, organized and planned resource management and distribution, and to the maximum extent possible to ensure that our project on time, quality completion of the premise. As the result of our years of exploration, here we will make an introduction.

The five basic phases of our project implementation approach are:

1 Planning definition

As a project start-up, the purpose of the planning definition phase is to be able to accurately grasp the customer's business objectives, establish the scope of the project, integrity and operational implementation. This includes a review of the customer's business strategy, identification, recording, and prioritization of the requirements list, and a draft system framework. Based on the characteristics of the project, we will select the project members, consolidate the project team and arrange the project plan.

2 Analysis Design

After obtaining the results of the project objectives, scope and high-level requirements list, we will conduct a more detailed analysis of the functional, technical and visual creativity of the system architecture. We write them down and discuss them with you to improve. If necessary, we will produce a prototype or demo system to test our concepts.

After that, we will be based on this design and targeted to complete the content development, interactive information and interface design work.

3 Code making

We started building this system. The work of the development integration phase is to develop the results of all the designs.

We also integrate the new system with your existing system if necessary. This phase will complete a functioning system.

4 Test Acceptance

The test work consists of two parts, functional testing and performance testing. The completed system is then migrated from the development environment to the publishing environment. Planned release functions and data until fully open for business operation. We will record and transfer all the technical and normative knowledge that the customer must possess and understand to ensure that the customer knows how to operate and maintain the system. Users and we will be in a limited scope of the system trial run, the system trial run for a period of time, the system will be put into formal operation.

5 Maintenance Management

In addition to the necessary monitoring of the living system, maintenance to ensure its normal operation, the management maintenance phase more important task is to test the actual system performance from the system that is in the actual operation, discover the part that the system needs to be perfected and upgraded in the operation, and measure the success of the system more than business purpose and requirement. Organize all of this information into a plan to facilitate future enhancements and upgrades to your Web site system.

Stages, steps, and tasks

We divide the project's time cycle into 5 phases (Phase) and use the corresponding steps (process) to achieve the goals at different stages. The Tasks (Task) are included in different steps to complete the work of the step. From the shallow to the deep, from the total to the fine, three elements of the interrelated, interaction, organic composition of the whole method of the blueprint. In the actual operation, according to different periods of different tasks, dynamic allocation of resources to implement, and professional expertise to combine, so that the project can be properly completed.

Project management model

Project management has a certain pattern, in its mode, there are three main components:

Ø definition and organization of the project

Ø Project Plan

Ø Project Tracking Management

Project Definition and organization

Ø Overall project requirements, customer background and program composition

Ø definition of Project work scope

Ø composition, roles and responsibilities of the project team

Ø What objectives will the project team achieve in the project

Ø internal synergy and self-management of project team

Project plan

Ø Breakdown of work detail list

Ø establish a schedule of initial project implementation

Ø Balance of project implementation timetable, project scope and resources

Ø Risk Management Plan forecast and measure control

Ø Cost Control

Project Tracking Management

Ø Collect project status information

Ø Analyze project implementation timetable, project scope and resource usage

Ø Project Progress report: General Weekly

Ø Project Documentation: Meeting logs, records, various memos

Ø Project Quality and customer satisfaction tracking

Ø Summary of Project completion

With our sincere service, excellent technical ability, scientific project management methods, we will be able to build the site to customer satisfaction!

Ix. Cost estimates

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