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Medium and Southern Media (601098) issued a letter of intent in late Sunday. The company intends to issue 398 million shares, issued after the total share capital of 1.796 billion shares.  The unit will implement an online subscription on October 20 and will be listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The issue of the use of the network to the request for inquiry to the object of the allocation and online funds to purchase and distribute the way the combination.  The number of shares issued for 398 million shares, of which, under the net issue quantity of 79.6 million shares, accounting for the total amount of 20%, the number of online distribution of 318.4 million shares, accounting for the total amount of 80%. According to the issue schedule, the time for the inquiry is October 12-October 15, the net date of purchase and payment date is October 19-October 20, online purchase date and payment date is October 20, the price announcement date is October 22,  After the release will be applied as soon as possible on the Shanghai Stock Exchange listing. Medium-South Publishing Media Group Co., Ltd. is a "multi-media, the whole process" of the industrial pattern of large-scale publishing media backbone enterprise groups.  Has a publishing, printing, distribution, printing supplies, such as a complete set of publishing business chain, but also has newspapers, web sites, outdoor frame media and other business. The issuance of funds to the publishing, distribution, printing, information systems construction of the four sections of the eight major projects, as well as supplementary liquidity, the total amount of funds to raise the use of 1.852 billion yuan.
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