Medvedev says space will always be Russia's priority development project

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Global network reporter Zhu Jianku reported, according to the Russian new network April 12 reported that Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is convinced that the future of all Russian leaders, the aerospace industry will be the priority of Russia's development projects. "The aerospace sector is one of our national priority development projects, and it is not accidental," Medvedev said in a recent ceremony to give a national prize to Russian and foreign astronauts. I am fully confident that future national leaders will do the same. I cannot say what the leaders of other countries do, because that is their responsibility. But I am convinced that their attitude towards this is the same. "The aerospace sector will be one of the country's top priorities," Medvedev believes, because Russia made a good start 50 years ago and has a lot of results, and human development is inextricably linked to the aerospace sector.
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