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Memap today launched a mobile application designed to bring together all of your Facebook friends from different network locations and put it on a single map.

This includes data that Facebook shares with Facebook's location-based third-party social networks such as Foursquare, GoWalla, and Buzzd.

The San Francisco start-up says new applications are placed on a centralized application for access to registration through mobile devices. The app applies only to the iphone, but the company says an Android application is under development.

To connect, users simply download a program, log on to their Facebook, and they can instantly visualize their social network on the map.

Memap can do this by analyzing data from the "current City" of the plugin and Facebook users, and then labeling the data on a real-time map.

It also includes status updates, messages on the message board and other key Facebook features.

The company says its goal is to expect any Facebook user to be interested in seeing their social networks in the real world.

"People don't want to join a new network, but for Memap, they don't need to join a new network," Memap's founder Matt Farnell told VentureBeat. "As an open network built on Facebook place, Memap is a powerful tool for the social networking center that people already like. ”

He said that because of the lack of access to barriers and the ability to provide data visualization, and these data have been shared by their friends, Memap for everyone to return the most timely data.

"100 million of iOS users on Facebook have become our users," says Pan-Neil.

This application provides a single check-in, but not "always" and has a privacy feature that allows users to explode all of their personal data without fear of being exploited by malicious intent.

Users who like to compete and get rewards can also see where they want to go and join the scoring system.

The project start-up group says funding has so far been a means of profit, but it is interested in providing access to other location-based social networking sites, rather than simply landing on Facebook.

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