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Recently small in their own circle of friends, found that a lot of small partners released mood will be accompanied by a number of Meng pictures, and small note that in each picture in the lower left corner will have a "Meng mark" watermark, according to the small series of /9886.html "> Internet technology Company's understanding, this is certainly a newly established start-up company."

After the introduction of friends, small make an appointment today to the entrepreneurial team, and their principals have an exchange, chat to why will choose in the circle of friends in this battlefield for their own entrepreneurship, product positioning and so on, as they have some understanding.

Initially choose this direction is because listen to some small partners around complaining, in the micro-trust friends Circle, QQ space, microblogging and other social platforms, release dynamic when there is no suitable mapping is distressed, so the entrepreneurial team developed this app. Hope to help friends around in the release mood is no longer only monotonous white text.

App in each of the themes of the Meng are combined with the current Internet hot topics, life of the festive pleasures, such as the original production, users can according to their own needs to edit the text, and then form their own friends Circle Meng.

The picture DIY completes, the user may spread through many kinds of ways or directly saves the local album, lets your Internet life environment everywhere is Meng Meng.

Chat Small and medium-sized understanding of the Meng Mark team from 90, 95 post-graduate entrepreneurs, the development process by the domestic major investment institutions, media, start-up companies and Cerpark next generation of Internet innovation base to help. App already in 360, millet, application Bao and other mainstream application market, and access to the application of the new market support help, Future Meng Mark will be rooted in the circle of friends to provide exclusive entertainment content for its core purposes, do "have a moral selection"!

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