Mengniu "Swap calories" won gold Net Award Public Service Marketing Gold Award

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In the age of social media, some public welfare activities, often make people feel full, so how to let the public welfare faded to make a show of ingredients, to create a national public good? Mengniu's attempt to "swap calories" has been professionally recognised. At the end of October 30, the sixth session of the 2014 "Golden Net Award" awards ceremony, Mengniu "Exchange calories" public activities in a number of entries to stand out, one at a stroke won the sixth Golden Net Award public service marketing category only gold. It is understood that the "Golden Net Award" by the Chinese Internet Association Director, Network Marketing Work Committee (IMCC), has always been to explore new industry methods, new models and technology, build the industry Exchange platform, the selection, dissemination of excellent marketing cases. This marketing festival is called the largest scale in history, the most authoritative and impartial network marketing case selection, has come from all walks of life well-known brands of 250 cases participated in the final contest. The "exchange of Calories" event award, should be regarded as a majority of the masses of Mengniu to create a public good platform affirmation. Mengniu launched the "exchange of calories" public welfare activities, combined with the social, network and the strength of the people, build an open, transparent public-funded platform to aggregate more small public welfare forces, to achieve the aspirations of the poor community, to create a universal participation in the public good times. Once launched, the event attracted a large number of caring people to participate in, through the calorie crowd, will be the power of all converge, let love pass. Warm gloves, brand-new shoes, and workbooks and books ... A steady stream of love supplies is sent out in the form of swapping calories. This year, on the eve of the teacher's day, at an altitude of 6721 meters of Ali Plateau, the exchange of calories in the sacred form of the mountain, for the children of the Bell Apple Primary School raised the cold winter clothes, for a pair of small hands full of frostbite wrapped a warm. In recent years, Mengniu in the promotion of its own brand concept, has been committed to public welfare activities, and focus on the public welfare model tends to fine, to create a gathering of love, advocating the platform for everyone public good, exchange of calories although no special tyrants donation, but through everyone's heart of health and love of Desire, Let more loving people can be pro-Pro, deeply realize that the public welfare brought little bit of happiness, itself is the best attempt to the public good.
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