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As early as two years ago, ICBC from the full line of strategic development point of view, from the "Cement + mouse" to the "cement + mouse + thumb" mode of change, that is, in the optimization of network layout, create the advantages of online banking on the basis of further building in the mobile Internet era new advantages. As more and more banks move into the mobile banking market, the bank has started another bigger game: a mobile financial platform that combines mobile banking, mobile payments, mobile life and mobile marketing.

Occupy Emerging markets

In order to attract more users, the bank has been the first in the industry in July 2011 to implement the "mobile banking transfer remittance 0 costs." Today, the bank's transfer of remittances has become the most commonly used mobile phone banking customers transactions, and the monthly transaction amount and the number of pens to maintain a 10% growth rate, to achieve effective trading customers and trading volume of double promotion.

"We through the line of the combination of online mode, the introduction of social marketing means, key marketing transfer, payment, credit card repayment, and other customers more viscous functional applications, greatly promote the mobile phone banking business as a whole and the transformation of effective customers." "ICBC Retail financial headquarters related business leaders said.

In addition, the bank launched the exclusive use of mobile banking products through mobile phone clients to buy financial products, the average yield slightly higher than the same period through other channels to buy financial products.

"In 2012, the sales volume of mobile banking products sold in the whole line of wealth management products accounted for a 4.6 times-fold increase in sales." The head of the bank's retail banking headquarters believes that these mobile banking products not only effectively drive the mobile phone channel overall transaction activity, but also greatly reduce operating costs and improve operating efficiency.

"Mobile banking is not a replica of online banking, which we call the net-silver, unlike the silver, which distinguishes between the traditional internet and the mobile internet," he said. Said the head of the bank's retail banking headquarters.

In his view, the development of smartphones and mobile Internet provides more possibilities for mobile banking. "We innovate the concept of CMB store, customers can not only in the mobile banking business, but also to meet mobile phone shopping, business travel services, pay recharge and other needs, and these are the traditional net silver does not have elements." ”

Pry the traditional business

It is understood that the mobile phone bank a transaction cost transaction costs of 1/15 of the counter. The 2012-year bank mobile phone banking fund changes in the number of transactions, equivalent to the whole year for the CMB to save more than 100 million yuan.

Taking the cmbstore of the Merchants Bank as an example, through the establishment of a business application platform, the introduction of Third-party merchants, ICBC on the one hand enrich the content of mobile banking services, on the other hand, because of the customer resources and user visits to the merchant, the CMB, in addition to a part of the payment fee You can also get a part of the customer channel expansion fee from the merchant.

Build Mobile Finance

In the opinion of CMB, mobile banking should be a one-stop mobile portal integrating mobile finance and mobile life, and an open portal to integrate mobile finance + mobile life industry chain.

Specifically, the mobile bank mainly provides some traditional banking business; mobile life is a number of convenience classes of services, such as inquiries around the network, the purchase of lottery ticket tickets, etc., mobile payments include remote payments and near-field payments; Mobile marketing is based on mobile terminals to provide services, such as in the Bank of the network is no longer face-to-face, Instead, the deal is done through the ipad.

According to the above-mentioned retail financial headquarters related business leaders, the bank's mobile finance will follow the "mobile Banking + Mobile LIFE + mobile payment + mobile Marketing" in four directions, and fully combine the smart phone anywhere in the network, geographical location function (LBS), NFC mobile phone payment and other new features.

He said that the promotion of mobile banking is the first step, at present, the part of the function is basically full, and then will be through a more open platform, with electricity dealers, mobile operators and other cooperation, so that mobile finance services richer and more diversified. "People are willing to use only if they are more functional." ”

According to the idea of the Bank of Commerce, the end, the commercial banks of the mobile client can be made into a "big platform" to put more applications and functions together, after the bank card, bus cards, membership cards can be assembled here, and pay settlement, life services and other needs can be met.

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