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In the "from" > Application Launcher design to talk about the lack of Metro UI, I complained about the Metro UI, mainly for its main screen, Because on a small screen like a mobile phone, the main screen seems to be more suitable for placing icons rather than dynamic panes.

But if we put the Metro UI on a tablet, it would be completely different. IOS has a good performance on the IPhone, but putting the same UI on the iPad is not always enough. And the Metro UI on the tablet, it gives a new feeling that the dynamic lattice window will not encroach on the screen, panoramic view and the advantages of the set (hub) more show.

Windows 8 should be optimized for tablets, and it is certain that Microsoft will make the Metro UI attractive. Before the official product appears, take a look at designer Jozef Kocúr's vision of the Metro UI tablet.

Main screen

The main screen is divided into three parts

Top bar: The movable lattice window, which allows parallel slides, where you can see a list of favorite applications, folders, and applications. There should be a lot of room for improvement in this area, because the applications here only occupy the top position compared to the iPad, and when the application increases, the efficiency decreases.

Windows: Open application. The design here is similar to that of the WebOS card. But each window has a control bar, so that the application can operate without full-screen, some similar to the Android tablet pendant.

Bottom bar: a Start menu. This design seems to be taken from the Windows desktop version of the design. Jozef doesn't specifically say how this will work, but it shouldn't be as disappointing as the desktop version of the menu. should be similar to the Launcher of WebOS. He had designed a Launcher concept for MeeGo and looked good.

Lock Screen Interface

Jozef a small improvement to the Metro UI's lock screen interface. For example, put on the top of their favorite pictures, real-time weather, notice and so on. He also put a button to turn off/reboot/standby. This is really not necessary. Because the tablet is different from the PC, that is the biggest feature, as long as a physical button to close the screen, buttons are easy to touch.

Collection (Hubs)

The collection on the Metro UI, combined with the panoramic view, gives a very broad feeling, suitable for flat, beautiful and practical.

IE 10

Custom wallpapers are very distinctive and open tabs are similar to the IPad, but with the background, it's more enjoyable.

This is a conceptual design, and not a finished product, Jozef is still improving its design. If you are interested in his design, you can visit his personal blog or focus on his Twitter account.

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