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If Dell's well-known entrepreneurial story is an American-style saga that can serve as a model for countless technology companies struggling to start a business in their dormitories, Dell's development in recent years is equally instructive. Over the past 10 years, Dell has failed to grasp the development opportunities of mobile devices and has fallen off the throne of the world's largest PC maker. But in recent times, Michael Dayer is leading the company to complete a radical change. Over the past year, Dell's annual revenue has been around 60 billion dollars, and 1/3 of them come from new enterprise-class product lines, such as network security, networking, large data services, and cloud computing. Dell's goal is to become a leader in modern IT solutions, just like the one that toppled the PC industry in the late 90. Michael Dayer has often said that Dell is now the world's largest new company, so to speak on the one hand it is now the fact that privatization, of course, more to show their current entrepreneurial spirit. Recently Michael Dayer received an interview with a well-known Media Inc., introducing his experience in leading Dell's company to reform. Milkedell was photographed at the Dell Austin factory in 1989. He set up the company in his dormitory 5 years ago. When Milkedell was just 24 years old, he became a millionaire. Either change or perish. "In 2007, when I returned to the company as CEO, the core business began to deteriorate and business data showed that our previous efforts were largely in vain," said Dell. The situation at that time was indeed more difficult. It's like someone said to Colonel Sanderson, KFC's founder, that your fried chicken is no longer good. It feels the same. "In the 90 's, all the companies were selling servers and PCs, and that was a big problem for consumers," Dell analysts said. But 10 years later, it's no longer a problem. Everyone knows how to buy a computer, and the company's policymakers need to focus on new issues. All of us have to keep moving forward and not expect to do the same thing forever. But the question is too difficult to answer, and in the process they make a lot of mistakes, but they finally realize that they need to have more knowledge of their customers and a deeper understanding of their business, although it is possible that these customers are temporarily out of scope for Dell services. The problem is the opportunity for us the best customer is the customer who can bring us problems, because they have this problem means that maybe 100 other, 1000 or even 10,000 customers will have this problem, so we can think about developing a solution rather than a single product. It can be a new feature or a new method. But these ideas must all come from the most authentic customers, not those who are sitting in the office patting their heads. And we find that customers are very happy to talk about these issues and they will tell you what works and what is not. Such information can not only help us to run the business well, but also to build a good customer relationship. How to make big decisions we need to make a big decision and always need a reference.The more information and data, I will bring together customers, suppliers, industry analysts, and try to get more information. But sometimes the information is not enough, we need fast action, such as 2007 we consider whether to buy EqualLogic company, the acquisition price is 1.4 billion dollars, before we lack such experience, and EqualLogic also in the preparation of IPO roadshow, so time is very tense. At the same time we had a partnership with another data-storage company, and we needed to expand our presence in this area, no matter what. For this I need deeper insights to support my decision. I went to our lab, talking to 7 mid-level engineers there, I asked them, if we had 1 million dollars, you could invest in one of two companies, but you couldn't do it, the next 5 years could be 10 million dollars or a huge loss. Two companies have to choose which one would you choose? The final 6 chose EqualLogic. I used it again and again in order to discover the true ideas of my colleagues and to explore them quickly. After privatization of the company last year, I continued to participate in many science and technology forums. The friends on the forum told me that I would also like to privatize the company if I can. And after privatization, a lot of customers like it because they are unlisted companies. It is believed that in capital markets, there are many short-term problems that need to be taken into account, and there are many long-term problems to be considered after privatization. As a unlisted company, we can continue to invest in technical and engineering team strength, if the listed companies have to take into account a lot of short-term factors, such as quarterly earnings, subject to shareholder requirements and threats. After privatization, Dell has been running faster. This January, our predecessor, the CFO, offered to resign. If it is in a listed company, for such a problem, we have to do a lot of preparation, planning the right time to release the news, when the news reporter will ask what questions, how we answer and so on. As a private company, these can be omitted, as long as you know your decision. It's a very personal process to create a company that has a great sense of responsibility for it. You will love your work, the long hours of work that others cannot endure, which is a pleasure to you. It would be an interesting and energetic life.
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