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China's first cosmetics sales mall Mickey Net has recently completed a new revision, the new features more perfect, user experience to further improve. Through the comparison found that Mickey net this revision replaced the overall VI, the website logo has been optimized. After the revision of the Mickey net the biggest bright spot is adds the Meclub channel, vigorously promotes the member system service, http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/8331.html "> The website user's shopping sharing and the comment interactive channel can connect seamlessly.

according to Meclub exclusive page, Mickey Net (www.miqi.cn) user cumulative consumption of more than 500 yuan or one-time recharge 500 yuan can be upgraded to Meclub VIP members, and the top brand makeup bag A Cumulative consumption of more than 1000 yuan or a one-time recharge of 1000 yuan can be upgraded to Angel VIP, can be established by the Golden Wisp Plum rose toner Water bottle; The user cumulative consumption of more than 3000 yuan or a one-time recharge of 3000 yuan can be upgraded to Angel SVIP, and can be a gift Arden 21 days cream a bottle. Meclub members to purchase points, at any time to enjoy the value of exchange. At the same time, angel-level members can enjoy the super price of the famous special selling, every Wednesday also enjoy special specials, seconds Kill, draw, full reduction, return coupons, full gift, such as exclusive special ex-gratia activities. Angel SVIP as the most senior member of Mickey Nets, with exclusive customer service privileges, Mickey Nets to provide VIP-style one-on-one intimate service, and Angel Svip every year birthday will receive the Super Birthday gift bag Mickey, which may be Dior suit, genuine Monchichi, coupons, or a variety of other surprise gifts. Details can be clicked on Meclub Channel page: www.miqi.cn/meclub/.

In addition to the official debut of the senior member club Meclub, Mickey Net This revision also intends to strengthen the site search function, its homepage at the top of the top eye-catching position added the search box, Mickey Net users only need to find the product or brand keyword input, and then light "search", Relevant search results will appear in front of users, greatly reducing the user's retrieval time for the target product. It should also be noted that Mickey Net in the new version of the homepage added a special CEO mailbox and complaints mailbox, user-friendly to reflect the shopping problems encountered, but also make Mickey nets more understanding of user needs.

These measures once again confirmed the Mickey Net "user experience first" principle of service. Since its establishment in October 2010, Mickey Network has been strictly control the purchase of products channels to ensure that all products are 100% authentic licensed. In the after-sales service, Mickey nets the implementation of 30 days unconditional return, lightning shipments, 2 national package of mail, proprietary packaging and other intimate policies. It is worth mentioning that since its inception, the Mickey Net complaints almost zero, the return rate in the entire electric business industry is well-deserved minimum, Mickey Nets are using their actual action step by step towards the established strategic goal, that is, China's largest cosmetics online retailer and China's largest cosmetics channel provider.

Mickey Net CEO Majiang said, this version is only the first phase of the revision, the next three weeks will be on the line of new version, such as the increase of Community and brand Library, Mickey will gradually to the mall and community transformation, homeopathy into the socialization of E-commerce.

industry analysts believe that for a commodity, can directly affect the user's consumption behavior is from a friend or other people's recommendations, word-of-mouth to promote the importance of user buying behavior is self-evident, and social e-commerce related to the hottest keyword is sharing and personalized comments. There is also an interesting phenomenon, such as Mushroom street, beauty and other shopping sharing platform is related to female users, and most of the topic of goods and fashion, beauty. Visible, relying on its own cosmetics electric business platform Mickey Network to enter the prospects of social e-commerce.

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