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The "Bowen" 18 report raises the new goal of per capita income. This warm-heart goal highlights the shift from the pursuit of economic aggregates to the emphasis on economic growth and income distribution.

"Thread" "Wuxi Zhangqun": Inspiring AH.

"Thread" "really is to soy sauce": look forward to the party's specific policy.

"Thread" "ALLENHJ": Break Monopoly, open http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/17947.html "> Private capital investment field, accelerate the promotion of institution reform."

The "beautiful China" in the 18 report of "Bowen" makes countless people feel warm, but also highlights the grim reality.

"Thread" "Dido Peas Peas _": Ah! Environmental protection is a long shoulder!

"Thread" "Jiangnan One Leaf 009": Man can not himself and himself.

(Xinhua News agency, Beijing, November 9)

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