Micro-Broad v really can only represent the individual?

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On Weibo, I often see some big guys posting "This microblog represents personal opinion, and the unit has nothing to do with the label, but have been real-name Certification Plus V, the public will naturally subconsciously put what you say and the company in the association, which means that your" personal opinion "will still affect the enterprise or even the industry.

August 10 afternoon, CCTV's "dialogue" held a "network of celebrity Social Responsibility" forum program, on the current network encountered such as "Network Rumor", "Big V Social Responsibility", "government affairs microblogging" and other topics of in-depth discussion. Although the topic of discussion is not novel, but come to talk about the guest group unexpectedly luxury, it can be said that August 10 to participate in the "Network Responsibility" forum is the same type of topics in the number of guests, the weight of the heaviest, except the Chinese Internet Association and other government agencies, including the leadership of the real estate boss Pan Shiyi, Angel investors Shire, the founder of the Xiaoping, Sina Network editor-in-chief Chen, Youku founder Koo, Qihoo 360 President Xiangdong, Dcci founder Yanping, well-known teachers Guilianhei, the president of the Daily, Liao, Shaanxi Provincial Public Security Bureau deputy director Chen Li, including the more than 10 network opinion leader and it big guy.

It can be said that, in addition to Ren Zhiqiang and Chun on Weibo, I am concerned about a few active big mouth to the scene. In this recording time nearly 3 hours of the program, although sitting under the leadership of the relevant departments, although a lot of words will eventually be cut off, but there is still a lot of people have a bright point of view, sparked a heated debate.

Can the view of Big V really "represent a personal point of view"?

Friends on Weibo often see some big guys in the Micro blog introduction said "This micro-blog only represents personal opinion, and the unit has nothing to do." In this forum on August 10, the host and guests threw out the idea that "your microblog represents an individual or a company," including Mr. Pan and Chen, almost all of the guests have made it clear that Weibo represents only individuals and does not represent the company's views. However, I personally think that although you mean that the micro-blog said every word on behalf of you personally, but since all the real name plus V, the public will naturally take what you say and your company to associate, ultimately your "personal opinion" will still affect the enterprise or even the industry.

I personally agree with Liao, president of the People's Daily said, "Although I think my microblog represents my personal point of view, but because of personal identity reasons, the public will inevitably be linked to the People's Daily." So I only dive on Weibo, scuba diving for a long time but I don't give a point. Yes, Big V since want to represent personal opinion, then why also want to add V, learn a netizen with "writer Cheng Chenghao" such a pseudonym not?

Internet celebrity Social Responsibility forum has become the Sina micro-blog session

The day of the program, although called "Network Celebrity Social Responsibility Forum", but the host and the guests are talking about Sina Weibo, the theme of the event became the "Sina Weibo celebrity Responsibility Forum", I would like to be in the guest audience interactive link to ask the host "Sina Weibo is not sponsored this field activities." But the bizarre is that although the stage under the beauty choreographer repeatedly prompts, but the host is still the audience to interact with such an important part of "forget", but in the second half of the forum to continue to "forget", the network because of the interactive and full of value, such a talk about the network of the topic of the lack of interaction between the audience, always feel less something.

Admittedly, Sina Weibo is indeed an important platform for speech, a platform that has witnessed even the advancement of some major events. But Sina Weibo is only 1% of the entire Chinese Internet, and another 99% of the platform we should be concerned about. The media, including search engines, instant messaging, network video, micro-mail and so on, are important platforms for disseminating information and influencing group public opinion, all of which are neglected today. In the micro-broad V of the spit across the field of video, Koo and Sohu Forum of some so-and-so (sorry, I forgot the name, only remember is a fatter middle-aged man) speaking time was greatly compressed, although the video and forum on Chinese netizens have a huge impact.

Network needs control or guidance

I remember that many years ago I have been involved in a number of such as "network fierce tiger, need to control or guide" discussion, in fact, such a discussion is very unnecessary, but in this forum still attracted the interest of the distinguished guests. Most of the guests think that the network needs to be managed as well as channeled. A participant thinks Sina Weibo (ha, Sina Weibo) For example, the information is very large, there are many rumors, but the United States Facebook more information than Sina Weibo, but false information than Weibo a lot less. The reason is that the United States has a sound legal system, in Twitter and Facebook, such as public platforms, netizens to their own words to bear the legal responsibility, because the sentence was arrested and jailed for words. Chinese people say what they want to say, and rarely get convicted of rumors.

I think a few years ago Dayu flood story tells us that plugging is not as sparse, this truth in today's network era is also universal. This summer there are two cases I believe we all know that one is singer Wu Hongfei because of the micro-Bo's anger speech was invited to tea, a netizen because of QQ signature vent dissatisfaction was caught, look back to see two things can not help but ironic, panic of the management and control overdo make such jokes. Of course, although I agree to guide the importance of control, but in the process of guidance to allow everyone to purify themselves, remember to tie a seat belt---law.

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