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Micro-Comics Marketing few success stories, even hit face Meng, there is no real commercialization. All these, must break the public difficult to participate in the cartoon creation this bottleneck as the early matting, but emphasizes fast axes's network marketing industry and the set target too many social network domain, still cannot sink the heart.
At the end of July, when the "Transformers 4" of the film heat wave has not Mousche, a half-month "Transformers: The Rise" of the Comic Collection contest, and Sina Weibo micro-comics channel. This with Mingshou tour promotion as the starting point of the activity, but did not arouse the attention of Weibo users, in micro Bo on the quiet. 3 days after the event, the activities of the exhibition area, there is no work to present, and the topic of the official submission # Transformers Rise # Under, there are only 14 micro-blog, and according to the author observation, are the activity side of the test microblogging, and there is no real sense of the comic works.

Once in the recent face Meng such as hit of micro-comics, now seems to have raised the interest of the audience ...

The precursor of micro-comics

Micro-Comics Marketing few success stories, even hit face Meng, there is no real commercialization.

The early-known comics marketing of the Chinese Internet was a "very real man" who had been in the red for 2006.

In the absence of micro-blogging era, its main rely on the media is a blog. They take a few hot topics in social life as the subject matter, through exaggerated expression, take them as a photo and add witty commentary to form four lattice, six or eight comics. Some topics are related to both sexes. In March 2006, by the end of 2007, the basic curtain call, only this blog on the accumulation of 20 million of clicks. But the network reprint produces the strength to be more formidable, is the 2006 most influential network promotion.

But this is only a promotion, can not be called marketing. The reason is very simple, "very real people" hot behind, there is no real and any real success of commercial brand "marriage", one of the behind the Alfeng has been a post-post review: "very real people the most fire, to join a lot of, but has not found a sustainable business model, can be said to be applauded not to draw, We finally gave up when we were on fire. ”

More crucially, "very real person" too spoof, entertainment to the point of vulgar, so that any commercial brand and its combination, its reputation will be "negative energy", even if that period of very real person extremely "positive energy."

Then, with comics out of the world of parody, and the popularity of social media such as micro blogs and micro-letters, micro-comics seem to have found a new starting point for their business marketing.

More mainstream micro-comics marketing has three kinds:

One is the original Fun comics serial mode. Asus in 2010, "Dada Live Comics" on Sina, Sohu Weibo, in the form of a career story, close to the potential target group of Asus notebook, but also at that time the mainstream users of micro-blog-white-collar workers, cleverly implanted their brand image. In the same year, Dongfeng Nissan Nature also launched in Sina Weibo and happy net on the launch of the four "LV Diary", to the personification of the way to give V6, L4 two different kinds of engine character, and to the people familiar with the "tank war" as the character image, its intentions are not deep. But, with the # to beat Martial arts # like, "Dada Real comic" on-line one week, only in Sohu Weibo harvest more than 2000 forward, and "LV diary" but more than 600 comments, the results are very bleak. This kind of pattern, also therefore is discarded by the most network marketing industry.

The second is the Netizen DIY cartoon mode. The more famous is the Chinese Bank of China on Sina Weibo on the "animation DIY collection Activities", through the "Tiger Boss", "Silver" and "Li" three-bit image to deduce the use of customers and bank staff on the use of the net silver story, Make cartoon character Cursor kid This one is mainly used to show the beautiful role of Bank of China net silver is better humanized interpretation. And netizens can select three characters online, use the tools provided by Sina to make lovely anime stories to share with the vast number of netizens, but also choose to make the online production of the four-grid-style cartoon to participate in the activities. On the face of it, the event received thousands of paintings, more than 100,000 participants, and because social applications provided the tools to make the original remote comic production into a "0 threshold" activity for everyone, and social application features. However, such activities are still subject to strong professional constraints, coupled with the subject of limited, so that activities to achieve the characteristics of the network silver features are not effectively demonstrated. Since then, many manufacturers have tried similar activities and have been pushed by social platforms, but the number of contestants has become increasingly few. Even a night of red face Meng, also difficult to escape in a week was "play bad" and delete the Doom.

The third is the cartoon author and the Netizen Interactive creation pattern, its most typical representative namely is the recent Tencent Micro Bo force pushes the # big God to draw the activity. Its reliance on Tencent strong popularity and a succession of in-depth cooperation with many manufacturers to promote the form, it seems to have found a marketing breakthrough for micro-comics.

The "Great God" without power.

Tencent Weibo's # Great God-given # column its activity pattern is basically fixed, that is, in a certain period of time, with a specific theme to attract a large number of netizens in the micro-blog with the # Great God to draw the # as a topic, write some of their own hand-painted requirements, and upload their own pictures, you can get a copy from the cooperation of the author of the work of

The column opened last year, access to Tencent Micro-Bo platform a large number of resources, has been and "cross the line of Fire", "Fight the god of war" and other online game cooperation, the player tailored to the role of the game as the blueprint for the personal cartoon portrait, for the new version of the game.

On the line in just a few months time, there are more than 300,000 of the # Great God-given-related micro-blog, user participation is extremely enthusiastic. However, the problem is also exposed, that is, the promotion of such a strong, painting and painting has formed between the extreme "hunger and thirst marketing" situation. July, Tencent has issued a bulletin to recruit hand-painted talent, and its announcement also revealed its current "Great God" team of 10 people. And two months of expansion, from the "Great God to draw" the official micro-Bo on the display of the notice to join, but more than 10 people to join. The extremely insufficient picture division team has been unable to satisfy daily nearly thousand draws the quantity.

For example, the "Great God" responded to 4 paintings and 9 on the following day, with a new theme, "The Giant of the advance", which was launched last September 16 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Thousands of microblogging users in the theme of the painting activities, once again the disappointment, including several participants in the activities of the author.

The social micro-comics model, seemingly perfect and commercially viable, apparently hit the reef again.

Micro-Comics marketing under "crowdsourcing"

The three types of micro-comic form of marketing value is not obvious, the key lies in the artificial fragmentation of the characteristics of the micro-comics, so that micro-comics such as stagnant water without much "movement".

Fun, DIY and interaction should occur synchronously, and should never be a single mode of giving, so that micro-comics only become a very small number of people's privileges and similar to the general user experience of winning. If we can realize the participation of all people, the creation of all people and the "crowdsourcing" mode of the whole people's interaction, the micro-comics can achieve the same transmission effect as the micro-video, and the effect will be stronger.

One is the open comic tool that makes the creation threshold less. Micro-comics compared to the difficulty of micro-video is created, the current smartphone popularity has been able to easily produce a variety of micro-video, but the comics still need a considerable degree of art skills, which makes the micro-comics of the creation of the crowd still small. The case of the Bank of China shows that the participation of all people is possible if they offer all kinds of comic-writing tools. Tencent Weibo's application of "comic-Prince" comic production can be seen as a valuable attempt to DIY comics, it provides 5 specific images of hundreds of images, backgrounds, jewelry collocation, so that any user can produce their own comics, there are more than tens of thousands of comic books published. But because the character image, the related scene element and so on still limited, cannot realize the popular demand.

The second is open incentive interaction, so that comics quickly popular. Micro-comics lack of interactivity, has made its commercial brand marketing effect greatly compromised. And like the great God-given pattern, if we can open the painter limit, and the comic circle common "people" style, still use the way of each topic, with appropriate incentives to attract more folk artists to participate in the painting for netizens, in order to realize the comic experience difficult to achieve by netizens. This, Sina Micro-comics channel in the millions of incentive to stimulate the form of comic book creation, the incentive is more than the user participation, and the lack of business brand integration. The two combine and one, they can learn from each other, and stimulate the rapid popularity of comics.

The third is open depth integration, so that the brand value is demonstrated. If you have a convenient comic tools and incentive interaction, such as Asus "Dada Live Comics" such as the form, can be in the "crowdsourcing" state, comic contest or the way to create an open, and rely on the network to promote in other network channels to promote, Through a variety of forms and deep integration of brand elements of the colorful folk comics and netizens to form a wide range of interactive, long-term accumulation of word-of-mouth effect ...

But, all above, must break the public difficult to participate in the cartoon creation this bottleneck for the early matting, and the emphasis on fast axes's network marketing industry and the set of goals too many social networking areas, it is difficult to sink in, with a short period of time to create their own micro-comics crowdsourcing brand, and in another not short time, Joint brand promotion for long-term implantation and word of mouth precipitation.

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