Micro-electric business fans are king first, not necessarily strong.

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Now the micro-letter is very hot, but not now began to fire up. When a lot of people think this thing is fire, you just know that you are out.

However, you can rest assured that you out, does not mean that you too late. Grass-roots Xu believes that, micro-electric business, fans although the king, but the first person is not necessarily strong.

Why do you say that?

According to grassroots Xu's understanding, the first group of people who are aware of the importance of micro-letters and devote their energies to pulling powder, a considerable number of people are speculators. Look at their past experience, or to fry the domain name, or to fry the house, or reselling something else. As the micro-letters began to show, they had a keen sense of smell and found a good opportunity to speculate. So they became the first people to have fans. Among them, has the ultra strong execution ability, becomes the super fan large size.

But, from 2011 to now, 2 years, many fans have not found a business model to make the most of their fans. cannot be converted into business. They are repeating the way Sina Weibo, Sina Weibo, although the user is too much, but years of losses, if not Ali's charity, even wages will not go down. The final look can only be focused on advertising fees, Sina Weibo and fans of the big boys Rob ads. When the advent of micro-letters, mercilessly change the user's habits, to steal the small and medium-sized users, it has not found how to profit.

Micro-letter as Tencent innovative products, familiar with the user's preferences. Also gradually revealed the rules of the game of the Empire. There are two main ways to make a profit on a micro-credit public platform:

1, advertising;

2. Member.

The first, advertising revenue, you just have fans, there are people willing to advertise, but many advertisers have felt that the advertising is not as good as imagined. The number of the so-called hundreds of thousands of fans, drainage effect is very poor. And with the advent of micro-letter, you sell ads, this is not and the eldest brother Rob site, there is the danger of being sealed at any time. Even if not, you advertise every day, fans will eventually abandon you, a small button, cancellation of attention, how fans come, how to go. This road is not a long-term solution.

Second, sell members. This public platform is really the media. Because you can provide the value fans really need, the fans are accurate and hardcore. Such a number, often fans will not be many, but is very gold, easily will not cancel attention. With the accumulation of time, the content of long-term adherence, so that fans have a super strong loyalty. When the number of the main command, selling gold members, bought members, you can extension, see the essence. So just like the fans watching the singer's concert, be sure to have a close touch. For the time being, if you are interested in your article, you will have to deal with it sooner or later.

Two ways to treat the public number of fans will produce different results. Rely on some copy of dry articles, positive energy, jokes and other attracted fans, is absolutely but diligently are original can provide real value of the public number.

Along with the development of micro-letter, Tencent also pointed out the future profit direction-micro-electric business. Tencent shares the Beijing-east, Pat the rules reset, solve the problem of the platform. Micro-letter payment to get through, solve the problem of the deal. The emergence of a wide range of communication, to solve the problem of promotion. A series of links to get through, so that micro-electric business completely landed. And the original Taobao entrepreneurial opportunities and miracles, here can be reproduced again.

However, the reality is not as good as imagined, not everyone has the opportunity! The premise of the opening of micro-credit payment, must be certified company number, so the individual excluded. 20,000 margin, let the budget and timid people stop. So, a lot of early only pull powder, fans although many but not accurate variety of numbers, the future is slim. And many have the brand, have the capital of all kinds of big guy, can catch up from behind. Diligent from the media also thick and thin hair.

You, I, he, all still have the opportunity, do it, when all have the opportunity, speculative impetuous, may discreetly. From now on, treat your fans as if they were family. From now on, learn and share your value, and return is just the way.

Grassroots Xu, a shallow internet nonsense. Thanks for reading! Micro-trust public platform: caogenxu123

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