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Since entering the 2014, the entertainment circle has been frequent, cheating, prostitution, drug-related various stars of negative news frequency; In the back of the stars who cried and confessed, a business crisis also staged. Take "Landlord" as an example, Ko Jindong endorsement brand including dazzle Mai chewing gum, Nivea Cleanser, Adidas and so on 19, and Jaycee name also has a number of advertising endorsement in the hand of Dove chocolate.

In the social era, "drug-related" news, it will quickly spread in a variety of social media, as people's gossip, even when people meet greet the "opening topic." Chengmenthe, implicating, the brands that these stars endorse may suffer an unprecedented crisis, and all the ways in which the crisis breaks out are no longer common sense. In the face of such a menacing "negative frenzy", how can the brand use social media to resist or counterattack?

Crisis 2.0 ERA brand become weak

Spokesmen out of the negative news, the endorsement of the brand can be said lying also in the gun, and this time the dazzle of gum is lying, in the gun, and then in the gun, the difference was shot into a sieve. Ko Jindong has a brainwashing line in the ads for his chewing gum: eating Hyun-mai and stopping. and netizens to use this spoof "Ko Jindong drug addiction Simply Stop" of the story soon spread on the social network, and Taiwan's media in the news, even mistakenly think that Hyun-Mai is a new drug, reported in the television news. The news has become a new bridge segment, spreading two times in social networks ...

In the face of negative news, it can be seen that the timeliness of Internet communication, uncontrollable, the equality of discourse rights and so on have brought great challenges to the brand, some people call this "crisis 2.0 times." "In the public mind, enterprises have problems, consumers are weak, but the social media crisis spread so suddenly so quickly, enterprises are sometimes unprepared, it is too late to testify, sometimes they are weak." "Austrian American public relations group partner Lingwen said in an interview.

Challenge one: Timeliness of communication

The new media Blue Book of 2014, released by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in June 2014, points out that China has entered a "micro" era, with a micro-credit user of 600 million and a microblog user of nearly 300 million by the end of 2013. In such a micro-era, as long as any news can arouse the interest of netizens can be spread quickly, each "micro" user can be a transmission factor, affecting its many fans or friends, and to this cycle.

August 18 21 o'clock in the evening Weibo account @ ping ' an Beijing confirmed Jaycee name, Ko Jindong drug-related micro-blog, a short period of time was forwarded more than 30,000 times, comments more than 27,000.

Challenge two: The uncontrolled nature of communication

In the crisis public relations, the brand faces the first is from the information environment Challenge, the traditional media age, the mass media grasps in the social mainstream, the elite crowd hands, the information dissemination has the extremely controllable, the selectivity and the tendency.

In contrast, the information environment of the brand in the social media age becomes increasingly complex, the source of information is not controllable, it is understood that the "landlord" involved in the beginning of the virus from a non-big V micro-bo netizen burst material; second, the information dissemination time is not controllable, many negative news is in the unexpected situation, so that the brand is caught off guard; , this time, "Hyun-Mai, stop" the spoof, is clearly beyond the imagination of the dazzling gum.

Challenge three: The relative equality of the right of discourse

The social age means that the news microphone is in the hands of every Internet user, so whoever you are can criticize any brand on the Internet, and his criticism has a big chance of being widely disseminated, which is not going to happen in the traditional mode of communication. Remember Luo's microblog war with Siemens refrigerators? Finally, without acknowledging their own quality problems, Siemens China has apologized for the relevant situation. Social media, has become a brand has to pay attention to the public Relations Center.

"Micro" era PR skills also upgraded

In the face of such an unpredictable social media environment, does the brand have nothing to do with it? Social media is a double-edged sword, it can mess up the brand crisis PR, of course, can also use it for crisis PR upgrade.

Speed: 72-hour theory

Crisis PR has a famous 72-hour theory, that is, 72 hours is the golden period of corporate crisis PR, once after 72 hours, the enterprise's crisis will be replaced with new information to become old news. If the enterprise survived 72 hours, there is no need to respond to the old news, if 72 hours after the information is still "fermented", indicating that the crisis is real serious. However, in the "micro" era, information waits for no one, 72 hours I am afraid to be rewritten 24 hours, or even shorter. Therefore, the enterprise to deal with crisis PR, time control is crucial.

"Landlord" drug-related news, the parties also pay close attention to the Ko Jindong endorsement of the brand's rapid response ability, each home from sweeping the snow, but time and attitude are different. Nearly 20 brands, Nivea in the effectiveness of the absolute victory, @ Ping An Beijing August 18 21:00 to issue a micro-blog confirmed this matter, @ ni Nivea men as officials in the same evening 23:33 issued a statement.

According to incomplete statistics, in Ko Jindong endorsement of many brands, may only @ ni Nivea man a brand using micro-blog made public statements, of course, this also determines the brand's response time the fastest.

Attitude: good 140 words

As a media, the official micro-blog, micro-letter is becoming a brand crisis public relations, the most convenient and dexterous tool. Although micro-blog can plug long Weibo, although micro-letter can be opened "read the full text", but "micro-era", people do not have the patience to read lengthy, short, flat, fast text style may be more popular.

Social media needs is "140 words" of the text art, the brand does not have the whole version of the space introduction story, in a short "140 words", to the different interest groups unified transmission of key information, while taking into account the seriousness of the official statement and human nature.

As mentioned in the previous article, Ko Jindong brand, except for the Nivea men, other brands have not publicly expressed their views on social media, which is probably due to "avoid the negative news" mentality, anti-ni Nivea men in the first time to issue a micro-blog statement, face the crisis, the effect seems to be better. In the statement, Nicole Nivea was shocked and sorry for the incident, Hope Ko Jindong bear mistakes, positive correction, it is noteworthy in these 120 words of the statement, Nivea used 50 words to explain the brand values-health, positive, responsible, each word is in the name of the brand itself, but also the side alluding to the Ko Jindong drug-related events, is pun. Reaction speed, but also did not hinder the @ ni Nivea Men's official for each word of the discretion.

Angle: Large data to explore public opinion

Because the dissemination of information and the development of the media, the network of public opinion monitoring also appears more important. If the brand lacks the monitoring to the network public opinion, does not understand its stakeholder in the social media newest dynamics, in the crisis suddenly is easy to be unprepared, cannot deal with.

In the aftermath of the crisis, brands can also target social media users and get to the top of each other at the first time. To this end, the public relations industry proposed the "first-round user transmission ratio" concept.

First-round transmission ratio: The total number of consumers in a brand of about 200 million, the negative events by the traditional media reports, in 6 hours triggered more than 100,000 social media discussions, which led to a large-scale traditional media two reports. We believe that the second wave of mass media coverage marks the onset of a full-blown crisis, and that the "first transmission cycle" should be defined as 6 hours, while the "first-round user-propagation ratio" of the "one-cycle" should be defined at 5 (100,000 divided by 200 million). This data is not immutable, but should be updated with the increase in the number of consumers and the statistical data for each crisis.

For example, in the case of Sanlu poisonous milk powder, in the first transmission cycle, but also only sanlu consumers pay attention to product quality level, and two after the crisis has become a "public concern", that is, the melamine industry unspoken rules, which is defined in the "first round of transmission ratio" as the demarcation line. This is not the figure that is drawn from the head, but the proportion calculated according to the recent crisis.

After the crisis, the brand can judge the severity of the crisis by counting the amount of internet discussion in social media. Believe that this time if Hyun-mai gum in the "spoof jokes" before and after data statistics, the results should be very different.

Temperature: A clever solution to the crisis

Rapid response, language appropriate, monitoring public opinion, these are in the face of negative news spokesperson, the brand can do the passive "defensive action", in addition, can there be some active "offensive action"? Because of the popularity of social media, the brand to deal with the crisis caused trouble, but also give the brand a "turnaround" Provides the opportunity, this depends on whether the brand can skillfully crisis for the machine.

First, in the social media age, each brand has its own voice channel. The story of the incident was initially claimed by the traditional paper "Monday see", but far from the Monday, the news has been overwhelming on the Internet. In turn, the brand in the crisis PR is the same, "through the mainstream media voice" is no longer necessary, the official micro-letter, Micro Bo send a message, you can advertise. 2012 CCTV 3 15 in accordance with the practice of many brands focused exposure, McDonald's within two hours through the official micro-blog issued an apology statement, the first to respond, timely comfort netizens mood, of course, in a short time quickly resolved the crisis.

Secondly, with the media, "My site I am the master", the brand can also make full use of creative solution to the crisis, more rich form, more ingenious techniques. In the second half of 2012, there were a lot of negative news and comments on the China car rental, December 4, the Shenzhou Car rental CEO Lu Zhengyao in the personal micro-bo bursts # angry old Lu # series posters satirical competitors, illustrated, from "anger" to "lore", This kind of public relations with the obvious sentiment tendency compared with the traditional PR, new and interesting, once released, quickly aroused netizens attention and forwarding.

Case Link: Liu Xiang back to the game Nike comeback

August 7, 2012 5:45, the London Olympic Games 110 meters hurdles preliminary, Liu Xiang fell down the first column. After a brief stint in the office, the 24-hour team quickly returned to their respective positions, with the idea of a "running out of the way" plan, modified and followed by TV and internet commentary.

According to Huang, the communications director of Nike Sports (China), the whole process took about 5-10 minutes. 15 minutes later, Nike official Weibo @just do it issued a series of copy: Who dares to spell all the dignity, who dares to be at the peak from scratch, even if there will be nothing, who dares to break, who dares to fall, great dare, let 1.3 billion people with a single foot with you jump to the end. Within 24 hours of the tweet, it was forwarded 130,000 times and received more than 26,000 comments. In 2008, after Liu Xiang tore down his body's number cloth, each sponsor began a round of conference call with the advertising company, which was 24 hours before the media was filmed, and this time, it took only 5 minutes because of the existence of the social medium.

It is conceivable that, without the help of Weibo, even if the Nike team can think of ingenious ideas at the first time, it will be hard to find a way to transfer the new copy to any corner of the world at the first time.

Looking for different: Traditional media era vs micro-era crisis PR

1. Focus on the role of opinion leaders

Ogilvy PR has analyzed 50 crisis cases, and found that there are media official micro-blog participation. In the micro-era, traditional media has brought its accumulated offline influence to social media and played an important role in the communication of crisis in the micro-era. After the participation of opinion leaders, the average volume of discussion on the crisis increased by 37 times times, and the average duration was extended by 6 days. The number of opinion leaders involved is positively correlated with the amount of discussion in the crisis, whether the discussion is positive or negative, and depends on developments and the direction of public relations.

2, the tone should be humanized

Media announcements in social media are subject to crisis scenarios, not to be stereotyped and solemn. Many enterprises ' crisis statement is "stereotyped-style", such as the previous statements of the position, after a few sentence table treatment, and even the legal department required the "righteous" meaning. Consider that the crisis statement is published in social media, it needs more humane, "personalized language" is the essence of sincerity, so that consumers feel "temperature."

3, do not ignore the weekend

In the traditional media age, the newspaper will shrink version, the TV program will cut down or shorten, but the social media era, people pick up mobile phones, waiting for the bus can brush Weibo. So, please don't take it lightly, what if your company had a crisis in Saturday and Sunday?

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