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According to foreign media reports, Microsoft has become more open in the cloud era, but only in the interface part. In the OSCON 2011 Seminar, Microsoft's Senior Open source social director, Gianugo Rabellino, said that as long as cloud APIs, protocols and standards were open on the surface, users would not have to ignore the underlying system. So is it not important for the cloud to use open source code such as Linux?

Rabellino says he doesn't mean openness is not important to the cloud, and that opening the source code depends on the service agreement and the authorization to use it.

He uses the surface opening and core opening two nouns to describe the obscure issue of open source and closed source code at the core of the enterprise and cloud. Open source or open core refers to the core function of the source code open, or a specific business software architecture on these basis for a model of profit. Microsoft's approach to surface openness can be achieved through APIs, protocols, and standards, and two models can coexist well.

Rebellino points out that this is what happens in the clouds, the clouds change a lot, the traditional scale is gone, and the version of the Facebook you use is not important. In the cloud, the boundaries of these technologies are blurred, and sometimes you just see the service and you don't see the system behind it, and you can't tell if he's using JSON or XML as a way of doing it.

Microsoft has published a new azure SDK for PHP to open the Open-source world to develop Azure applications, and the company also works with 400 open source programs to ensure interoperability, including the so-called PHP Cloud Sniffer open Source code plan.

Rebellino says Microsoft has become much more open and more cooperative with the open source world.

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