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Abstract: Nokia will be like family members to send off their loved ones, Microsoft is overbearing, not to communicate with you. Yesterday is the 7th day of receiving the Microsoft Redundancy Compensation Scheme, Nokia employee Li (alias) still cannot accept, he is organizing the company's employee signature, hope to get "Nokia will be like family farewell relatives, Microsoft is overbearing high-handed, do not communicate with you at all." "Yesterday is the 7th day of receiving the Microsoft Redundancy Compensation Scheme, Nokia employee Li (alias) is still unable to accept, he is organizing the company employee signature, hope to have the opportunity to consult with Microsoft Company."

but people from other companies and recruiters believe that Microsoft's redundancy plan is not breaking the law and is in line with industry standards, and that Nokia employees are expecting too much. A recruiter for a domestic technology company is not very understanding. "Microsoft's n+2 has been very humane, how can you not be satisfied?" ”

But Li that such questioning is almost like binding women do not understand the freedom that modern women enjoy. "In Nokia's culture, bosses never question employees ' rights," he said. ”

Nokia employees look forward to "warm layoffs"

at the end of April this year, Microsoft completed its takeover of the Nokia Equipment division. In mid-July, Microsoft started the biggest layoffs of its history, and Nokia became the hardest hit. Microsoft is expected to lay off 18,000 people in the fiscal year, of which about 12,500 are from Nokia's equipment and services sector.

in Thursday, Microsoft announced the "n+2" compensation package, but was strongly resisted by Nokia Beijing Research and Development center staff. Reporters have repeatedly asked Nokia employees, what kind of compensation standards. The employees did not give a definitive answer, but their intent was clear: the Nokia standards should be met.

what was the standard for Nokia layoffs before?

Li said that last year, when Nokia Beijing laid off staff, it not only gave its employees a 2-month buffer period, 2 months ' salary compensation, an annual fulfilment bonus, but also offered entrepreneurial support to employees with entrepreneurial ideas. Overall, many employees got the "n+5" or even "n+6" compensation.

February 2011, Nokia announced the use of Microsoft's WP operating system to replace its own developed operating system. As a result, the company restructuring, staff diversion. At the same time, Nokia began its transfer placement program, which includes helping 18,000 employees across 13 countries find new jobs, provide training in new occupations, or provide investment to help them build their own companies.

, the head of the Nokia Transfer and placement program, said, "the company has decided unanimously from the Chairman to the senior executive to be the most responsible for the career of the departing staff, and not just to meet the minimum legal standards." ”

according to media reported earlier, Nokia employees received generous severance compensation. Some of the top 25000 euros are invested in Nokia's placement program, some with Nokia's permission to authorize their new company to use Nokia's patented technology. Nokia has even helped employees get credit guarantees needed by banks to get loans.

Besides, Nokia is also a leading employee welfare. A Nokia employee said that the company not only provides staff with shuttle, massage, hair, sauna, fitness, psychological clinics, there are 24-hour hotline on standby to solve the employees in addition to work in the company's life in any trivial. The company even formed a parents ' club to introduce the children to the staff.

Nokia employees, Nokia is a conscientious enterprise, not like Chinese, Korean, Japanese-style enterprises, only share and silver. Li said, but unfortunately, the most beautiful culture of human nature, was abandoned by this era.

Microsoft employees said there was no "differential treatment"

Microsoft has stressed that it will remain unchanged for a year before and after the takeover of the Nokia agreement. As a result, employees decided that Microsoft had breached its promise when it announced that it would not be four months after it had completed its acquisition, and that it had cut its staff more than the original Nokia department.

the blame for Nokia employees, Microsoft chose to be silent.

in Friday, Nokia employees staged a rally to protest against Microsoft's compensation standards. Microsoft in China had said that Microsoft was meeting to discuss the day and would provide an official response. But a week has passed, and Microsoft has never given any statement.

A Microsoft employee said in a small talk that Microsoft layoffs were one of the things that must be done to transform. Although the Nokia function machine still has the profit, but we can not see the immediate interest, in the long run, this business has no future. Instead of waiting for a big ship to leak and lay off workers, let everyone off the boat now.

as to the compensation standard, the employee thinks Nokia employees are expecting too much, and Microsoft doesn't discriminate between Microsoft employees and former Nokia employees.

, a Nokia employee who works in Finland, told the media, "here in Nokia, people know they still have 6 months left to go, and they can stay at Nokia and continue to use Nokia's e-mail and company's laptops." They can use the time to find a new job, and Nokia will help them. That's fair. ”

"And those in the United States who work for a company like GE, the usual result is that you pack your bags, get one months ' wages, and leave." They'll close the door to you the day you leave. The employee said. This word is a prophecy.

in this respect, a Netizen says, the American enterprise's layoff culture has always been tough, the union strength European enterprise is relatively moderate.

Millet employee slot Nokia was cut off staff

this week, the millet staff in a sarcastic gesture into the Nokia layoffs.

Nokia Beijing Research and Development department has nearly 3,000 employees will be laid off, which will have a small impact on the Beijing mobile phone research and development recruitment market. For a rainy day, many Nokia employees began to seek employment.

August 4, a millet company staff released micro-blog said: "Several Nokia friends want to seek a job in millet." I also asked them, Big N (Nokia) downhill is not two days a day, why drag to be cut just remember to find a new job? Their answer is basically the same: "Nokia good!" Foreign company treatment, pay a high holiday more work less, basically do not have a job, so reluctant to go before. "To these people I can only say, sorry, millet really do not have such a good job!" ”

This microblogging triggered more than 20,000 of the forwarding, millet employees of this stance by some netizens questioned for show "superiority." The incident has also been interpreted by some netizens as millet "hype-type digging people."

After seeing the microblog, a Nokia employee said that the domestic technology company staff, although working very hard, but slightly impetuous, although the level of marketing is very high, but there is not much core technology. "As Lei often said, Millet relies on mobile internet thinking, but who knows what the mobile internet is really thinking?" ”

However, many technology companies have similar views with employees of millet. A foreign technology company staff told reporters that the benefits of Nokia is simply the world's only, other companies can not provide such favours. Nokia employees must accept this fact.

58 the same city recruitment channel director Wang Yi believes that in terms of pay, the current domestic and foreign companies are not big, the welfare of foreign companies will be better. But to be sure, the domestic science and technology companies do not work overtime, more than the majority of the holiday less.

"The Rise and fall of the company is often correlated with the busyness of its employees, as can be seen from Nokia and Microsoft at home." Wang said that employees also have to consider the development of the company, otherwise the company has not, the staff's welfare treatment also can not talk about.


Why foreign companies are laying off frequent disputes

in recent years, foreign-funded enterprises in the event of change, foreign workers frequently outbreak of collective activities.

2012 Google acquired Motorola, Motorola Nanjing Research and Development Center layoffs, employee dissatisfaction compensation agreement, resulting in conflict. In 2013, Lenovo bought IBM's X86 server, and Chinese factory employees at IBM's product line also organised a strike, fearing Lenovo's pay was too low.

in this regard, the Chi Yi lawyer, who has been concerned about labor relations, said in an interview with the Beijing News that the main reason for the conflict between Labor and capital is that our mechanism is not perfect.

Chi Yi said that at present, China's labor law stipulates that the minimum standard of company redundancy is n+1,n. But the law is often the lowest standard, and in the actual process there is no sound mechanism. "There are layoffs abroad, and unions negotiate on behalf of employees and companies," he said. But in China, unions have not played a role. ”

Beijing News reporter Lin Chiling

Microsoft: The first person to leave a Nokia mobile phone

Beijing News (reporter Lin Chiling) Yesterday, the reporter learned that Microsoft's performance of those active Nokia employees give incentives, they will be able to get a Nokia mobile phone as a reward.

It is understood that Microsoft deliberately for the first 300 employees who apply for leave each day to issue a Lumia 630 as a reward, first come first served. Reporter inquires that Lumia 630 belongs to a thousand-yuan intelligent machine, in May this year in the domestic release. Microsoft has not responded to this claim.

has unnamed Nokia employees said it had previously laid off two parts of the company, one in Beijing and one in Beijing. According to him, few people in the research and development department were left out early to get a phone reward.

has reported that the company's job cuts in China are basically from the Nokia Research and Development Center in Beijing. A Nokia employee in China said Microsoft, which dominates the job cuts, has been avoiding the use of "layoffs" in public, saying it encourages employees to voluntarily lift their labor relations.

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