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In a recent Microsoft Recruitment information and employee blog, some insider information about WP9 was first unveiled. We're not quite sure what the relationship is between WP blue and the WP9 we're talking about. Is it just the long-awaited WP Blue Rename or another milestone for OS upgrades?

In any case, the Microsoft recruitment message admits that XAP/APPX's deployment was transferred from Microsoft to WP9. The employee's blog revealed to us that Nokia, HTC and hardware vendors Qualcomm are testing the new OS. Curiously, Samsung was not involved in the test.

Although this message is somewhat unexpected, it is indeed very exciting. In fact, Microsoft's ability to deploy XAP/APPX to WP9 also confirms that its two OS (mobile OS and flat-panel OS) are becoming more unified. Such a unification would help to apply the common type on mobile phones and surface tablets (or other Windows 8 devices). This means that WINDOWS8 and Windows RT devices will benefit from this project, which extends Windows life and cross-platform applications.

To a large extent, since Microsoft put forward the concept of "three screens and one cloud" many years ago, this has long been the dream of many engineers in this field. Developers will also benefit from this, as it can effectively improve their exposure and work motivation on WP and Windows desktops.

But the problem still remains. This includes if WP9 and Windows 9 are merged (it looks like Microsoft will make them interchangeable, although we don't know in what way), what is the difference in the look and feel of the two platforms? And the most important question is, what does this have to do with WP blue and Windows blue?

The good news is that in the next few months, we will get more information to help us better understand Microsoft's moves in this matter. For now, Microsoft is in the right direction.

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