Microsoft employees see WINDOWS8 as "Next Vista"

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Microsoft's internal view of WINDOWS8 as "another Vista" according to foreign media BGR reports, a well-known science and technology reporter Paul Sorot recently revealed that Microsoft employees have called the WINDOWS8 system is "another Vista" (Thenewvista). This means that Microsoft has admitted that the new system platform has not met the company's expectations and needs to be adjusted. "Within Microsoft's view, WINDOWS8 is as bad as Vista in terms of sales and market acceptance," Sorot said. In the same phase of the software lifecycle, Vista's actual sales were even better than WINDOWS8. "In addition to the poor sales, Vista and WINDOWS8 are facing the same situation: Vista's downfall comes at a time when netbooks are on the rise, and Windows8 's snub is catching up with tablets," he said. Data show that as of September 2013, WINDOWS8 has been listed for 11 months, but it accounts for only 8% of the network traffic. In contrast, Vista accounts for 8.1% of the network traffic 11 months after it was released. 11 months after the Windows7 listing, it occupies 17.6% of the PC network traffic. At present, Windows7 is the first operating system, occupies 46.4% of the share. However, some insiders point out that it is not appropriate to compare WINDOWS8 with Vista, because the user is generally not interested in the latter, and Windows8 has a group of advocates. Of course, Microsoft certainly had a lot to do before WINDOWS9 formally arrived, and it had hoped to push the sale of PCs by letting Windows8 better support touch, but it didn't succeed.
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