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Microsoft plans to buy Mojang, a Swedish game developer, to lure users into a weak Microsoft mobile platform rather than develop a PC or Xbox gaming business, Reuters reported. Market research company IDC statistics show that the Windows phone smartphone market share is only slightly higher than the number of 2.5%,surface tablet share. A large number of applications and game developers ignore Microsoft mobile platform, Microsoft mobile business encountered development bottlenecks. Mojang has a well-known game "My World" (Minecraft), "My World" mobile version has become iOS and Android platform's most popular paid applications. According to people familiar with the matter, Microsoft will spend 2.5 billion dollars next Monday to buy "My World" developer Mojang. "Microsoft seems to regard Mojang and my world as a way to tap into this huge cultural phenomenon," said Dave Bisceglia, chief executive of Dave Biscogira, a gaming start-up. On the iOS platform, "My World" has long been the best selling game. If Microsoft can provide a unique, fun experience for Windows Phone users, and this experience is not available on other platforms, Microsoft can sell devices to existing my world fans. Microsoft has not disclosed Windows Phone handset sales figures. Microsoft officials have yet to comment on Mojang acquisitions. Five years ago, Mojang officially released the PC version of my world. In June this year, Mojang announced that "My World" total sales of more than 54 million sets, mobile version sales accounted for about 40%. My world has landed on PCs, Macs, IOS, Xbox one, and PS4 platforms, but Mojang is reluctant to develop a version of Windows Phone. Last year, Mojang co-founder Marcus Persson said that, in terms of market share, Windows phones don't seem to matter, and it is not worth Mojang to develop games specifically. Last June, when asked "My World" to launch the iOS version and the Android version, why there is no Windows Phone version, Poisson said in an e-mail: because it is insignificant. Symbian and BlackBerry users are more than Windows Phone. "We do not think Microsoft intends to increase its efforts to develop the Xbox business, and Microsoft should be intent on solving the mobile business problem on a cross-platform basis," said Rick Sherlund, an analyst at Nomura Securities, Rick Cherinde this week. The move also appears to coincide with the mobile and cloud strategy of Microsoft CEO Satinka Yas Nadra. Microsoft is expected to buy Mojang at a price close to $2.5 billion trillion, about 8 times times the Mojang last year's sales. Of course, for Microsoft, which holds 86 billion of dollars in cash and cash equivalents, thisIt's bucket. But compared to other game company acquisitions, the deal does seem huge. Last year, SoftBank spent $1.53 billion to acquire a 50% per cent stake in Finnish game developer Supercell, which is about 3.5 times times supercell annual sales. In 2011, EA spent 750 million dollars to buy PopCap, with an acquisition price of about 10 to 11 times times PopCap Sales. Choste Fan Drunen Joost van Dreunen, SuperData chief executive of Market research, said that "My world" was not at its peak, but had already passed the initial heat-holding period. The price seems to be on the high side. Drunen also doubted that "my world" could not really improve the sales of Windows handsets. My world works well on the iOS platform, but it's better suited to the larger ipad. I don't know how it improves handset sales. He said.
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