Microsoft launches integrated Cloud technology services to integrate BT Pilot

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January 7 News, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft and BT (Airways TELECOM,BT) launched the integration of cloud hosting services Lync Voice.

It is of great epochal significance for Microsoft to extend its Lync platform development footprint to cloud services. At present, the company has with the telecommunications giant BT Company issued a water test plan (pilot program), in order to formally launch the Lync Voice Service enterprise-class platform to prepare.

The water test plan supplements BT's global Consolidator Lync Service, part of its one-product portfolio. Each test can support 250 users at the same time, providing Lync integration technology (Convergent Marvell) features: Instant messaging, online status, audio, network and video conferencing, and corporate voice.

According to Raj Mehta, chief executive of Infosys Analysys, "the Lync to improve voice support has become a communications platform for small and medium-sized enterprises, providing better hosting services." At the same time, it has been shown that the expansion of cloud services will increasingly replace traditional IT services. ”

It is reported that the Lync voice test will be targeted at the British Telecom Company's Texas operations center outside the U.S. users for 90 days. At that time, users will have the opportunity to fully experience the Lync function. Lync Performance will also be debugged to the user-specific configuration.

In addition, the water test plan will also be equipped with a professional team to assist users to complete the configuration, installation and setup, and testing Lync Certified Audio terminal equipment. The professional team will explain each step and assist the user in selecting the required BT Company's Lync Services, including on-site Lync system integration, on-site Lync Management Services, and hosting services.

Microsoft is not the only software provider for small and medium-sized enterprises to provide hosted voice telecommunications services. Unlike other software vendors, Microsoft offers better service integration and convergence. Microsoft Lync can assemble many telecom functions on a single platform and further integrate it into application software such as Microsoft Outlook.

Currently, the price of BT one product with Lync Voice has not been officially announced.

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