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Absrtact: Microsoft just squeezed 60,000 yuan from our company yesterday. July 31, an internet entrepreneur reported a blow to the 21st century economy. Not long ago, Microsoft Joint local industry and commerce raided the company crackdown on piracy, the company was seized, and then a computer verification, the company staff

"Microsoft just squeezed 60,000 yuan from our company yesterday." "July 31, an internet entrepreneur reported a blow to the 21st century economy.

Not long ago, Microsoft United local industry and Commerce raided the company crackdown on piracy, the company was seized, and then a computer verification, the company's employees were designated to cooperate with the investigation, many employees are scared, think the company is a big event. But the entrepreneur thinks Microsoft piracy is very problematic: all the company's computers are running genuine software, some notebook computers belong to the public and private dual-use type, installed is the family version, not the enterprise version, and according to Microsoft, this belongs to piracy. At the same time, when you buy an enterprise version, you must purchase it at Microsoft's designated agency.

The entrepreneur said that the agency responsible for their signing said: "Following Microsoft's pace of piracy, almost every week to sign six or seven." According to the agent to the entrepreneur: Microsoft every time the product upgrades, are crackdown on piracy, to promote the new version of software sales.

the enterprise related personnel asked Microsoft: "How to find our company?" Microsoft replied: "Has your company been doing publicity lately?" ”

began to do publicity means the company began to make money, at least to the money, such enterprises will enter the vision of Microsoft: No money companies play useless, not receive money, rich companies can play money. This is similar to the grand example of the year: 2002, by virtue of the network game business, a grand network of millions of days in Shanghai, a small famous, Microsoft came to the door, demanding a grand network of compensation for infringement.

Grand founder Chen very tough, against Microsoft infringement of the cognizance, to Beijing to find reporters ways. Reporters did not think of a way, but Chen Tianqiao himself came up with a way: to persuade when the Microsoft China Region President Tang June joined the grand. In fact, before Tang June joined, the grand piracy has been a big issue. More than a year later, grand to the United States listed, Chen overpass top China's richest man, Tang June also earned 2.5 million shares.

The above entrepreneurs did not Chen Tianqiao tough, and finally to Microsoft paid 60,000 yuan reparations. He told the 21st Century Economic Report: "As long as you pay, you don't need to be a different thing, such as buying a windows8, but it's OK to change outdated XP." He said that Microsoft is strong buy strong sell.

The above entrepreneurs believe that Microsoft's alleged monopoly, four office by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce investigation, is not a rumor of the bundled sales and other issues, but to use the market monopoly strong buy strong sell, a number of companies to the behavior of Microsoft reported.

Chinese style piracy

the internet start-up company finally paid 60,000 yuan, not a large number. At the beginning of this year, Shanghai Brocade software company also suffered Microsoft to lead the industrial and commercial raid to fight the piracy, the claim amount is over 6 million yuan.

21st century Economic report obtained materials show that Microsoft believes that Shanghai Boko infringement of its four types of software: One is the Windows family of operating system software, and the second is the Microsoft Sever series software, including Microsoft SQL Server (Microsoft database software), Microsoft Windows Server Software, Microsoft Visual Studio development Tools series software, and Microsoft Office Office software.

Microsoft requirements for Windows series operating system software compensation of about 710,000 yuan; For Microsoft Sever series software compensation about 4.05 million yuan; For Microsoft development tool compensation about 480,000 yuan, for Microsoft Office software compensation about 1.4 million yuan.

Four total compensation of about 6.64 million yuan. In addition, Microsoft has asked the people's daily to make an apology on the page outside the raphe.

brocade related person in charge to accept 21st century Economic report reporter interview said: The company total more than 450 computers, 250 installed is the Linux operating system, another about 200, part from the Lenovo and other OEM manufacturers procurement, with Windows system, part of the staff to carry the company computer. According to Microsoft's determination, this part of the product can only be used for private, not in the company, use is piracy.

Microsoft Sever series software is all genuine software, but according to Microsoft regulations, these software limit the number of users. Brocade Company uses the number does not exceed, but when has the customer to use Brocade's equipment to do the test. Microsoft has determined that these uses exceed the number limit. The above-mentioned person in charge especially don't understand, brocade customers are banking, manufacturing and other industries customers, with Microsoft software testing, in fact, is to help Microsoft promote products, why Microsoft also decided that the company is pirated.

About Microsoft Visual Studio development Tools, a total of 12 machines were pre-installed, of which 10 were paid, 2 were not paid, but none of the systems were activated. Brocade is Microsoft 12 partner, each will pay a certain development tool cost regularly, even if not also will pay, thus produced pre-installed without activation phenomenon.

Office is similar to Windows, and the reason for the dispute arises from the dual-use problem.

Microsoft-style brute force

face Microsoft violence, Chen flyover is not up against the first person, against Microsoft first is the Horu Min of Asia.

15 years ago, Horu Min, President of the Asia-tech group, suddenly received a panic report from the company's subordinates: We were sued by Microsoft. A paper summons from the Beijing First Intermediate People's Court impressively informs that Beijing Asian technology Group infringes computer software copyright, infringing products including MS-DOS, ms-windows 95, Ms-office95, Ms-office97 (Word6.0, ACCESS97) and other software.

Microsoft demanded that Asia-tech compensation for 2.2 million yuan (including attorneys ' fees and litigation fees). The indictment is accompanied by an autographed statement by Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and Chingziro, the state of Washington.

Horu Min decided to counterclaim. 15 years ago, Horu Min to oppose the Microsoft lawsuit and 15 years later brocade much similar: The company's software is completely legitimate genuine products, the so-called company PC loaded pirated software is purely part of the staff's personal behavior.

the outcome of this lawsuit is not Microsoft's surprise, Microsoft loses. Affected by the incident, Microsoft China general Manager Wu in August, Microsoft China President Du Jiane left, Horu Min is a national hero against Microsoft patent hegemony.

the background of the incident is that May 8, 1999, the NATO bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia, resulting in a high national sentiment in China, while U.S. military hegemony, economic hegemony, cultural hegemony (including power hegemony) is the United States hegemony three support.

Four years later, when Chen was ready to learn Horu Min, senior media people advised Chen: "The timing is different, China is at a critical juncture just to join the WTO, and it has to choose a smarter approach than Horu Min." Chen Tianqiao's practice is the IT industry famous "Chen Tang match".

for Microsoft's practice of piracy, Bo Ke company President Shen said: "This is like I bought a private car, but only at home, if open to the unit, the car manufacturer can sue me infringement, the court not only accept, and to support." He believes that Microsoft is a lion, even if all the software to buy the above, it does not need 6.64 million yuan. The reason is that over the past decade, with support from all sides, Microsoft has been playing piracy too well.

according to Shen revealed: The case is still under investigation, Microsoft has not yet put forward strong evidence to support the amount of compensation of 6.64 million yuan.

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