Microsoft new Technology Hyperlapse lets everyone take a comparable track

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Absrtact: Microsoft Research (Msr,microsoft) is also out of black technology, this time the technology looks close to us. This technique can take the first-person perspective video of ordinary people in the natural environment (such as smart glasses camera, head-mounted camera, or class

Microsoft Research (Msr,microsoft) has also developed black technology, and the technology looks very close to us. The technique converts a first-person visual angle video (such as a smart glasses camera, head-mounted camera, or similar GoPro device shot) to a "Hyperlapse" time shift image in the natural environment, eliminating the jitter caused by manual filming in the video, and achieving a similar orbital camera effect.

Microsoft Research thinks that in the high speed motion photography environment, simple pixel sampling and basic video image stabilization technology can not meet the requirements. Because a first-person view of the camera inevitably shakes will be amplified by high-speed motion. The Hyperlapse conversion technology can calculate each frame's picture change, and in the final rendering, according to the calculation results to the screen mosaic or fusion to achieve a smooth visual effect.

According to Microsoft Research at the end of the article, they are working to make this technology in the form of Windows applications to ordinary users.

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