Microsoft says Xbox One sales have been record and world sold out

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[Guide] Microsoft's Xbox department executives say retailers around the world are selling off goods. Tencent Technology Lin Jingdong December 4 compiled Microsoft issued a statement yesterday that since November 22 launched the latest version of the Xbox One game, the company has been all produced products sold out, this product has created a new sales record. But Microsoft did not provide specific sales figures. Microsoft says users have spent more than 50 million hours playing games and entertaining them. "We have released the product in 13 countries, demand is far more than supply, and our retailer partners around the world are selling off," Yusuf Mehdi, vice president of strategy and Marketing at Microsoft's Xbox department, said in a statement Yusefmedi. "Wedbush Nomura, Wedbush Securities analyst Maikelpachet in Los Angeles, said that Sony announced that the total sales of Pachter as at December 1 broke through 2.1 million units, Microsoft may not want to release a less than 2.1 million data, As a result, it does not disclose specific sales figures for Xbox One. To ensure the availability of important markets, Microsoft has reduced the number of Xbox One starter markets from 21 previously planned to 13. Microsoft has previously released news that the Xbox one starting day sales exceeded 1 million units. In addition to the above statement, a Microsoft spokesman is reluctant to provide more information. Sony started selling PS4 games on November 15. It announced yesterday that its total sales in those markets had reached 700,000 since the product landed on November 29 in Europe and the Australian mainland market. Pachter says Microsoft and Sony may have the capacity to produce 1 million consoles per month. He reckons Sony will be able to produce 4.5 million PS4 by the end of January, about 55% of which will be sold to the North American market. Microsoft shares yesterday closed at $38.31 trillion, down 0.4% per cent, with a cumulative gain of 43% this year. Sony ads closed at $18.41 trillion, down 1% per cent, and the stock rose 64% this year.
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