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July 15, it is reported that Microsoft accidentally put a social project named Tulalip to the acquisition of the four-character domain name website, the move caused by domain name enthusiasts at home and abroad attention.


Figure: page before and after comparison

However, Microsoft for this "error" has been immediately corrected, but at the time of the release of the page, and Thursday the same day home replacement, and a line of words to recognize the project, Tulalip Indeed for Microsoft to develop social functions, inquiries to understand that the current and other domain names have been registered, the current domain name is not in the hands of Microsoft, which domain name as early as 2004 years will be registered, and the domain name Department 3 o'clock in the afternoon was booked by individuals.

From Microsoft to the domain name protection attitude, Microsoft may buy Tulalip related products in the future, and these domain name to borrow Microsoft reputation, domain Name value also will rise.

Based on the first error page, Tulalip can help users find what they need more easily and share what they know, and it can be associated with Facebook and Twitter, and the layout looks like the box interface on Microsoft Windows Phone 7, At present, Tulalip is still in development, I believe the product will have more functions when finished.

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