Microsoft to launch cloud computing services next January

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BEIJING, November 18 (Reuters)-Microsoft said in Tuesday that it would launch its long-awaited Windows Azure cloud computing system next January 1.  If most people aren't even aware of the existence of Microsoft's cloud computing services, Microsoft's attempt to get into cloud computing will be successful, says Ray Ozzie, Microsoft's chief Software Architect. It is understood that Microsoft launched the Windows Azure test a year ago.  The service will run customer applications on the server side and provide storage through a large number of data centers to help various web sites cope with the growth of their users ' needs. "For consumers, the best cloud computing services are reflected in their total awareness of their existence."  "Ozzie in an interview at Microsoft's annual developer conference," he said. Ozzie said: "With cloud computing services, IT departments need to do is to purchase the appropriate services according to their own needs." "Giving developers a platform for writing online apps and renting out data center space is a new business model that is a bit of a makeover for Microsoft.  Most of the growth in Microsoft's business depended on selling software copies to customers. But Ozzie says the connection lies in the focus on software rather than the way it is distributed. "Software is a foothold for Microsoft," he said. ”
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