Microsoft to push free web version office or Impact PC home page next year

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Bit net (chinabyte) July 14 According to foreign reports, Microsoft will launch a free web-based version of Office software in the first half of next year to speed up the pace of catching up with Google. Microsoft will launch a free web version of Office software in the first half of next year, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, the report said.  These software will look similar to the PC version of the Office suite's approximate appearance and style.  Industry insiders said the move was aimed at speeding up the pace of catching up with rival Google, though the latter had launched similar products three years ago. Microsoft's recent competition with Google has escalated, mainly because Microsoft recently launched its new search engine, Bing, and Google announced last week that it will launch the free OS Chrome OS, which challenges Microsoft Windows.  Microsoft is taking a step closer to pushing the free web version of Office to fight Google. But the report also said Microsoft's move, while winning market share, could also lead to the loss of revenue from the company's highest-selling and most profitable business unit. It is reported that office is currently the most popular is the price of 150 dollars in the home Edition.
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