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Millet 2014 Annual Conference summary: No war products War feelings "TechWeb report" Millet 2014 conference yesterday in Beijing National Convention Center perfect finale. But unlike in the past, this conference ended, and not as always, please the effect, but the sound of criticism. With the user of the intelligent terminal increasingly picky, no innovation no bright spot of the product has already been unable to eyes, even if the price war signs, it seems to be only a moment, but not long-term. Craftsman spirit and Blacksmith Spirit Millet 2014 Conference Summary: No war products and feelings new products Millet 4 using austenitic 304 steel news, it will naturally lead the user Lenovo to the hammer phone. Has been hailed as the owner of the Craftsman spirit of the Luo this time, just evolved a good blacksmith lei, looks like there will be a wonderful fight. Not only this, the Charm clan also in the official Micro Spit Trough: The Demon family mx, MX2, MX3 smartphone all uses is the Austenite 304 stainless steel, the charm clan has many years of experience in this aspect. Now they are more concerned with the meaning of the material to the user, such as black machine frame painted black to screen impressions of the help, not only focus on materials and crafts. At the press conference, lei the process of the 304 steel in detail, from the process to the grinding experience of how many processes, extremely detailed. But I have to deeply spit down the trough, professional vocabulary is very tall, but in the final analysis, this is not a piece of steel? And this piece of steel can really become the finishing touch of the pen has not yet a destiny. It seems that a piece of millet's art journey seems to be a plate of the road of the Spit. Related reading: Millet 2014 conference: Turn to the feelings of the price of the butcher knife millet no longer fever lei can again create hunger? No surprises. Millet 2014 conference slightly weak Mirejun: Most people only learn a part of millet
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