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Chen, vice president of the former Sina Network, said at the event today that this was the first time that a professional editor was responsible for, driven and produced the mobile content ecology. He believes that this is a product of the King's era. Editor-in-Chief, editors need to change to a qualified product person, good content needs to have good interaction, good products, good operation.

The following is a selection of Chen speeches:

For the media industry, the last two or three years, probably can be regarded as "3,000 years have not met the big change", any media people have a sense of skin cut.

Last October, I left the traditional portal to join the hardware manufacturing enterprise. It was also suggested that the editor-in-chief was dead. In fact, I left Sina, and the media industry changes directly related to a small degree. I could even say that I was trying to do something new with my own action.

One of my views is:

The Times of the editor-in-chief and the editors were not past, but the pattern of work needed to be drastically adjusted. The past Editor-in-Chief's act more just falls on the content itself. And in this era, the general editors need to pay more attention to it.

Why would I say that this wave of new media patterns from institutional and institutional media is a great innovation in this era?

Because this is the first time, there is a professional editor responsible, professional editor-driven, professional editor of the production of mobile content ecology.

Every information provider should have a clear understanding of the content and information industry of this era. The problem of this age is no longer the scarcity of content, but the scarcity of good content. In the era of abundant content supply, what we lack is the selection mechanism of content and information and the ability of two times to produce credible and efficient content.

Indeed, traditional institutional media, both paper and portal, have encountered a strong adaptability problem in this era. Today, when the information source is centered, the media capacity of the social platform is unprecedented.

The initial information source of the classical institutional media is not guaranteed. For example, when an emergency occurs, the party, the witness, and the well-informed person can post the message on the social platform for the first time.

Even so, mobile internet new media organizations can rely on experience, expertise and powerful resources to quickly configure the second landing point and expand the report, in-depth interpretation, at least in the public information services, we have experienced the classical training and long-term experience of settling the old comrades have advantages.

In More information service fields, I think we can also find new development and improve the direction.

Because, the needs of the audience is still there, and all the problems we face come from our own-our product form is not too old, our own operational efficiency is not also improved far enough, our cost control is not reasonable?

Every day, we open some information class or social class app, we will find that the good content is not no, but also filled with a variety of patchwork, not all prove, chasing ghosts. How does a responsible media person feel about seeing this?

Why is this happening? Aside from some of the hypochondria, I think the information service providers have some problems of their own. Why is the content of the production user acceptance is not high? Why is it because of the so-called "high cold feeling" to give up some of the topics of interest to users? Why some practitioners indulge in their own discourse experience and pampered way of work, not more diligent more trivial to the content of services to do more detailed at the same time, summed up more comprehensive and deeper?

We have to admit that this is an era of shattering the sky, the glory of the past, the posture of the past, at this time have to change. Because, the position is there, we do not occupy, will be inferior content to occupy.

The late Hong Kong famous musician, Ci-writer Huang 霑 once carved a chapter, "Do not believe in the world to do deafness." I also believe that we do not believe the world blind.

But the light is not convinced can be useless, we have to learn. Let the classic training pursuit of the rapid, comprehensive, professional, in-depth in the mobile internet age with the appropriate mechanism and form to win the user's acceptance and love, to establish a more healthy, more reasonable, more stable business model.

Back to the topic mentioned earlier, editor-in-chief, editors need to change, need to learn, need to be called a qualified product person. Because, once the content production now appears to be only very elementary product material, has the good content only is a beginning, the good content needs to have the good interaction, the good product, the good operation.

In the past we said that the content was king, and later said that the channel was king. There is nothing wrong with the content of the king, but only a simple product of primary content is far from enough; In the mobile internet age, we can say: This is a product of the era of King.

Information content services should not be simple content out of the street on the final simple form. Good content, good channels, good editing, good user experience, viable business model, more high-end content providers involved, and regular user participation in order to have the possibility of the king.

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