Millet global Vice president responds to the controversy over the 4 plagiarism of the iphone

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"TechWeb Report" July 24 news, according to foreign media reports, when the outside world is accusing Millet copy apple design, Millet global vice president and former Google Android product management vice President Hugo Barak (Hugo Barra) vigorously defended Millet company, said these remarks are exaggerated. In the millet headquarters, Palawan showed Millet 4 in an interview at the Millet headquarters to explain the cultural differences in Chinese and Western market operations. When it came to the Millet conference where the iphone was used to compare with Millet 4, Barak pointed out that it is Chinese style to compare a product to the best product in the market today. He added that the Millet 4 was inspired by Apple's talented designers, but he denied that the company was copying Apple in its entirety. Barak believed that Millet did not copy apples. Instead of completely copying a good product, it's better to build on it, he says. He also argues that the current patent system is flawed and discourages innovation. It would be a waste of time for some engineers to design new things to avoid patent infringement, and it would be better if they were to devote their energy to improving existing designs. Interestingly, this coincides with some of the comments that were made in the previous interview. He said at the time that two equally skilled designers would have the same results. He also said that Millet will not because the predecessors have done to avoid a good idea. "Innovation is a repetitive process," he said. There is no new idea, only the idea of standing on the shoulders of predecessors. What we are doing now is to exceed the expectations of the user as much as possible.
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