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From smart TV to Tablet PC to smart router, the hardware layout of millet entertainment in the living room has been completed. In the video business has been two times after the radio and television blow, millet and eyes locked in the game above. A few days ago from media reports said that Millet has cooperated with the American video game service Ouya, will ouya the game through the Millet box, the millet television to introduce the Chinese user's living room.

has been advertised as the internet company's millet, for the living room game is coveted for a long time. The intelligent TV for the game, has exposed the millet to the living room game ambition. This and Ouya United into the living room game, marking the bugle of the living room played by millet. Just, in the policy is still not clear, the living room game market is not mature market environment, millet enter the game also has a large variable.

The mishap of policy barriers

Since June this year, SARFT on the Internet television and box supervision, the continuous strengthening of millet two consecutive times by radio and television, one because of video copyright, the second is because of the UI. Indeed, video rights and the UI have no direct relationship to the game, but the determination to regulate Internet TV and boxes is anti-liberal.

In accordance with the requirements of radio and television 181th, such as Youku, YouTube, such as apps to enter the Internet TV or box platform, but also through the SARFT audit. SARFT in June this year to overhaul the Internet television and boxes, and there is no new policy, and strict implementation of radio and television 181th, the provisions of the text. The implication, millet box and millet TV to install the game, must be sent to the SARFT audit.

At the moment, the brands of Internet TV and boxes are still playing with the SARFT game to catch cats and cats. In the video content rectification has not yet completed, and was broadcast 2 times after the call of millet, how to let Ouya game in millet TV and millet box landing on the policy level will face a huge test.

In addition, Ouya is a video game service provider in the United States. According to the relevant national policies, game products into the domestic market, but also through the relevant departments for approval. In other words, millet into the living room game, to face radio and television and press and publication department two or more departments of supervision.

Weak partners

Millet chose this partner, not the industry's big company, but a disappointing entrepreneurial company. Public data show that Ouya is an open source game host system based on the Android 4.0 system. Two years ago, Ouya began to accept a reservation at the Kickstarter price of $99. However, Ouya since 2013, the market has not been satisfactory.

Objectively speaking, in the game machine market, Ouya is not a successful person. Ouya, frustrated in hardware sales, is reversing the situation by selling software because Ouya's gaming platform has more than 40,000 developers designed more than 900 games. In terms of quantity, Ouya has no advantage in video games.

Worst of all, many developers fled Ouya because they couldn't get a decent profit return. Last year Ouya released a game sale, the most famous exclusive game "Tower Fall", from the line to the end of July only sold 2000 sets of profit of 30,000 U.S. dollars, this is not an exciting number for developers. Ouya hopes to expand the influence of hardware through low-cost gaming hubs, but that still seems to be enough to impress the market.

Under the low income, many game developers have to find another way out. No outstanding game products, no continuous research and development power, the Ouya platform of the game prospects are bleak. Millet Choice and Ouya cooperation into the living room game, take what to win the user? Fine game, or product experience?

Rice noodles can't support the dream of games

Millet box sales have just broken through millions of levels, and millet smart TV market holdings less than 100,000. The size of such a small user is difficult to support the living room of millet games dream. According to the traditional game industry data, millet box and TV users, at least tens other size to meet the needs of the game to become cash. Compared with the lowest threshold, millet still has a big gap.

Perhaps many people think that the size of the millet box and TV breakthrough Tens is not difficult. But let us not overlook a fact. such as Nintendo and Sony's PS as well as the Microsoft Xbox these game consoles, the game needs to buy separately, some fine game's price is as high as hundreds of yuan. Although the operation of the Millet parlor game is not clear, but with the Ouya mode of cooperation, doomed millet living room game to take charge mode, rice noodles accept it?

Millet has always stressed the cost performance, millet mobile phone hot, a large extent also because of excellent performance. Such positioning, the decision of the rice noodle in the economy belongs to the cock Silk clan, and not too strong consumption capacity. Cock Silk for mainstream rice noodles, whether willing for dozens of yuan or even hundreds of yuan game to pay? The answer is obvious. Low income rice noodles, it is difficult to pay for the game, more difficult to support the game Empire dream of Millet.

The living room game is a gold mine, which is the undisputed fact. For the living room game, Millet is also active in the layout. Although the more than 10-year-old game consoles have been liberalized, this does not mean that the millet can benefit from it. In the context of Internet television and box policy uncertainties, the millet march is a difficult dream to achieve. However, the cooperation between millet and Ouya will enhance the value of millet. If the material is good, millet next round of financing is not far away ...

The author is the Internet industry observer, micro-credit public account: JIAWEBJN

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