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A few days ago "> Millet company visit, and Millet is responsible for marketing vice President Li Vanchang exchange of the next millet marketing experience, harvest quite abundant, share as follows:

1 Millet marketing, including public relations, microblogging marketing, customer service and so on by their own to do rather than choose to outsource, effectively guaranteed and the user's 0 distance communication, execution is stronger.

2 Millet Marketing Director Li Vanchang is a product manager of origin, similarly, the Millet marketing team mostly from products, technical team, their understanding of products far more than pure marketing staff, especially in the face of enthusiasts, it is easy to find what each other needs, but also a common language, communication barrier-free.

3 Millet maintained a very high user participation in the Forum, the Forum enthusiasts constantly to millet products to put forward various views and even criticism, which is essential to discover the real needs of users. These enthusiasts are the duty of millet inspectors, the obligation to build members, the honorary propagandist.

4 even lei a lot of things, but also all day hanging in the rice chat and user interaction. Millet's several founders, also are very attention and the user interaction. The advantage is that the high level of millet directly face the user, understand the user needs, users also feel more intimate feeling.

5 Millet after-sales Service (call center) employees have been up to 400 people, they and millet research and development, product engineers are working together, but did not choose to outsource. Because after the sale department often receives some very difficult telephone, inside has the user regarding the complex technical question complaint, therefore the Post-sale department needs in time and the product, the research and development communication.

6 Millet has more than 20 people specializing in micro-blog marketing, they are mostly technical, product proficient staff, will be in the micro-blog timely detection of the user reflects the problem of millet and communication. So millet users will feel that they have a direct communication channel with the millet company.

7) Pay attention to user participation. For example, Millet is carrying out 100,000 yuan reward millet mobile phone default wallpaper activities, users upload pictures may be successful millet mobile phone default wallpaper, such activities can effectively enhance the user's participation, enhance the user's awareness of the brand.

8 Micro Bo play the role of user education. Millet Weibo has a lot of teaching users how to play the content of mobile phones, providing practical content, but also to educate users, improve their loyalty.

To sum up, I think the success of millet in marketing, mainly from the effective interaction with users.

In contrast, many companies ' microblog marketing is often a formality:
1 Many IT-type PR companies, microblogging marketing company staff is not product managers and technical background, many staff on products, technology, very little, often lack of communication with users, the depth of the media, both often can not find too many common topics, the result is that micro-bo marketing is often a mere formality, and even some become a " Do it to the customer. "

2 Some companies like to carry out a variety of microblogging marketing simple lottery, the effect is often very poor, this only increased the exposure of the product, but did not enhance the user's understanding of products and brands, did not improve customer loyalty.

3 Many companies ' microblog marketing emphasizes increasing the number of fans, raising comments, forwarding, but many of them are worthless comments forwarded because of their limited communication depth with users.

4 Some of the company's micro-blog account to enhance the number of fans, like to send some and company products unrelated content, such as beauty photos, jokes, chicken soup, etc., although some short-term effects, but in the promotion of user participation in the effect of very little.

The success of Millet has inspired many companies that are doing microblogging marketing: only by creating real interaction with users can it become effective marketing. The essence of Weibo is interaction, not one-way display. One-way display, is the portal to do things, that belongs to 10 years ago, it is time to fade out.

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