Millet Miui V5 to attack Luo Hammer rom will go?

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& ">nbsp;   Yesterday's rice Noodle Festival, Millet released the official version of the Miui V5, Lei grandly introduced MIUI V5 in the icon, telephone, SMS, gadgets and other aspects of the improvement and optimization, such as redrawing the system icon and 1000 commonly used icon, support dynamic icon, 30 seconds did not answer, the ring automatically enlarged, Voice-activated photography and so on. Look, you do not feel very familiar with, right, this and hammer press conference on the Luo words how similar, from the essence they are emphasizing ease of use and humanization, that is to emphasize the experience, when Millet began to seriously play the "experience", emphasizing "experience the core" of the hammer ROM will go?       Hammer ROM or birth before the first death      Lao Luo emphasized the core advantage of the hammer ROM is ease of use and humanization, but saw the hammer press conference, We'll find the advantage of the hammer or that innovation is so easy to replicate, reproduced here is easy to copy and innovation, relying on a more powerful professional team and the support of millions of rice noodles, miui in the experience of the improvement will be easy to go beyond the hammer Rom, after all, experience playing is also the resources, strength.      Reality has been given proof, this time we have seen a lot of MIUI V5 Update and change for the purpose of experience improvement, when the June Hammer ROM release, I believe that the hammer ROM in the ease of use and humanization in the millet miui and the charm of the family FlyMe has no great advantage. Given the size of the technical team for the hammer ROM, it is difficult to catch up with MIUI and FlyMe when it is released, and how many people are trying to make it, or how many users will be able to stay in it, in addition to the weakening of its core strengths.      "Lovely more" is not Iron Man      Millet's success is summed up as Lei Triathlon, that is, software + hardware + Internet services, three indispensable. So far, although the secret has been widely recited, there is still no enterprise can replicate the success of millet, such as Lenovo, Huawei, ZTE, such as small pepper, Big Cola and so on. Similarly, "cute more" is not an iron man, and Mr Lo cannot replicate this successful model. Moreover, the current old in the software is still faltering, the market how much time to the old perfect hammer.      10,000 step back, even if the old in the hammer ROM success, the hardware problem is a hurdle. From the birth of the charm clan and millet mobile phone, we can find that to do the mobile phone is not difficult, to do high-quality mobile phone is difficult, at least 1-2 years of time to running-in hardware and software, polishing hardware, this is still the background of hardware production or industry-fundedSource of the Charm clan and millet, for English teachers born Luo, hardware difficulties can be imagined. From the experience of Lao Luo, we believe he has the ability to cross the hardware, but will the market give him time?      Market does not need another millet      stripped of the so-called "have feelings" "Craftsman quality" whitewash, Hammer ROM is just a more experience-oriented Android vest, when competitors borrowed its innovation, The success of a hammer requires a pattern. From the present observation, the hammer ROM Hammer cell phone Walk is the path of millet, software + hardware + Internet service mode. But the question is, does the market need another millet?      The answer is no. Millet Software + hardware + Internet service advantage is high price, high personalization and high differentiation, due to preferential access to the market, millet no matter in the user acceptance, consumer inertia or in hardware and software products, services has formed an innate advantage, the advantages of the formation of a virtuous circle will let Millet in this model of product quality and service continues to lead, So, the same is 1999, there is better millet, why choose a hammer.      Comprehensive, from the future, Hammer ROM Hammer cell phone does not have the possibility of big development, also can not replicate the success of Millet, to the character and ability of old Luo, Hammer mobile phone will eventually be born, but can only say survive, can earn money, but the mainstream, internationalization and glory and the hammer has nothing to do.
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