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Abstract: Millet involved in the network behind the logic of literature: only short bowls and content quotient 55 divided into the fact that the acquisition of more reading is only the first step of millet company layout literature industry. Last week, see more science and technology to launch the Millet novel platform, will reach the network literature industry

The logic behind Millet's involvement in network literature: only short bowls and content quotient 55 divided into the fact that the acquisition of more reading is only the first step of the millet company layout literature industry. Last week, see more technology to launch the Millet novel platform, will reach the network literature industry.

And Tencent, Baidu network literature, different ambitions, millet novels only do "Empty bowl" type platform, do not do content. The millet novel also by many sees the science and technology development operation, the latter's more reading mainly to traditional reading, millet novel is focused on network literature, has been connected to the Chinese network, reading Network, Xiaoxiang College, tea Tim Incense, novel reading network, such as more than 30 content providers of online literature content, Tencent's creation of the Chinese network and Shanda's beginning of the Chinese network has also been in the final contract signing stage, with the content business to maintain 55.

Read more reading in the March 28 this year officially online "original" area of literature, millet novel book content and more to see original completely synchronized. "This time more to see the science and technology on line Millet novel, Hope in Miui ecological Circle to establish independent network original literature reading platform", see more technology vice President Hu Xiaodong said.

As a more senior executives, Hu Xiaodong is mainly responsible for reading the content of the operation, a year ago began to plan the independent platform Millet novels, read more original area also prepared for half a year.

A year ago, read more reading by millet wholly-owned mergers and acquisitions, but Millet novels did not lying launched. A year later, the network literature market has been a paradox cloud lumpy, Tencent, Baidu, Sina and other internet forces have poured in, since the construction of the content system to compete for market share.

This time millet again dabble in the network literature, in the end late? Hu Xiaodong that, choose different time to enter, grasp is different timing. Now, mobile reading has become the mainstream, the user structure and needs have been changed to small white users as the representative of the mainstream groups do not know what to see, a single type of network literature can not meet the needs of users, the focus of millet platform is to provide multiple types of network literature.

Hu Xiaodong not admit to meddle in network literature is under the pressure of Tencent, Baidu and other competitors, Millet Walk is also a completely different path. "We do not look at others, and they are wrong, now is not the era of unification, the content is more and more dispersed, content business should go to specialization, and do not take all, the content business more narrow, platform can become a portal," Hu Xiaodong said.

So where does Millet's self-confidence come from?

There is no doubt that the Millet novel and its backing of the resource system is closely related, millet is mobile phone companies, the accumulation of users are stable users. In the millet novel, it is more important to hold stable users than to attract new users.

This effect is seen in reading more, since the merger over the past year, read more reading accumulated 18 million active users, half from the Millet mobile phone users. Up to now, read more pay users from the original 30,000 people to the current 250,000, active users 501 million, daily water 560,000 yuan, is expected to exceed 100,000 yuan at the end of the year.

Compared with the traditional book reading, network literature users and millet mobile phone users more overlap, with the conversion rate and the rate of payment is expected to be higher than read.

At present, the Millet novel app has been implanted into the MIUI system, which is planned to be pre-installed in the whole line of millet mobile phone products including the red rice mobile phone. Software channels, the launch of the first day in the Millet store online, within days after landing 5 mainstream Android channels.

From the application store distribution platform to micro-mail, mobile phone QQ and other social platforms, Tencent, Baidu's software channel advantages can not be ignored. However, the current attitude of millet is not radical, "we do not worry about competition, seize the user pain point is the core of the key, we are not to and content to rob Rice to eat, and just want to do a good empty bowl, and we do not have KPI assessment, do not consider profit." Hu Xiaodong said.

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