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Absrtact: January 18 Morning, the Millet co-founder Lin in the Geek Park GIF Innovation Conference released Smart home set, this is the first millet in the eco-chain products released this year. Set of 4 specific products include: 1. Multi-function Gateway Center equipment, through Zigbe

January 18 Morning, the Millet co-founder Lin in the Geek Park GIF Innovation Conference released Smart family set, this is the first millet in this year's eco-chain products released.

4 specific products included in the package include:

1. Multi-function Gateway

Central devices that connect small Mi Yun and other smart devices via ZigBee (Low power LAN protocol based on the IEEE802.15.4 standard).

2. Human body Sensor

Home security products, automatic detection and reminder of human or animal movement (170-degree detection range) Intelligent devices, the endurance of 2-3 years.

3. Door and Window sensor

Home security products, real-time sensing door and window switch state, and trigger, including air purifiers, air-conditioning and other smart home equipment.

4. Wireless Switch

Support Custom doorbell, control other smart device switches.

The logic of the set is to use the Millet multi-function gateway as the center, through the ZigBee protocol and WiFi network, with its human sensors, door and window sensors and wireless switches for intelligent control. At the same time, with the millet eco-chain system other intelligent equipment unicom. In addition, 4 products can be through the screws or double-sided adhesive simple fixed.

However, Lin did not disclose the specific price of the new set, but revealed that the test will be opened on January 26.

It is reported that this set of products is not the millet own team fencing, but by its investment in the Millet eco-chain company green Rice joint development. At the same time, this is not the first smart home equipment millet. Previously, Millet has launched a small ant intelligent camera, millet intelligent sockets, yeelight intelligent lights and Millet Intelligent Remote Control center and other products. And Lei at the time of the week before the Millet Note Conference also revealed that he is trying to build a millet mobile phone-centric smart home system. (Hanyang)

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