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"4.20" Yaan earthquake affects the hearts of the people of the country, Yaan temporarily become the National public interest power focus, the community's public welfare love is fully blooming. However, the hot end has a cold day, in the domestic public charity system to be fully mature, the public welfare after the hot spot after the community's love how to continue, how to form a normal mechanism of our thinking problem. Million and "Love Kitchen" listed "after the Yaan earthquake" era, public welfare of all sectors of society not only to focus on the major disasters of hot spots, but also to care about the edge of the social corner, so that more people need help to bathe in the sun of love, the formation of a healthy and orderly normal mechanism, will be the direction of our charitable cause. Outside the focus, in the remote mountainous areas, there are a lot of schoolchildren in the starry night to go to school, eat a warm meal, not wearing a warm clothes. As the future of the motherland, they are also a great need for love and help groups. Outside the official power, there are civil service organizations such as one fund in the glow, there are Deng "free lunch" in the delivery of love. Coincidentally, Guangdong million and the new electric "Love Kitchen" is also for students in remote areas to eat a steaming full meal and contribute to the strength. Million and "Love Kitchen" kitchen facilities Wan donated to build the first "Love Kitchen" in remote mountainous area April 22 morning, mountainous Shaoguan Dang National Primary school children are filled with happy smile, this day the remote ethnic primary school ushered in its important festive moment. In million and the company representatives, Foshan Volunteer Corps, Shaoguan, the representative and a number of news media to witness, million and donated to build the first "Love Kitchen" project completed. Wan's donated kitchen facilities include four door freezers, fresh refrigerators, dual-use steam cabinets, disinfection cabinets, storage cabinets, operating units, washing and cleaning tanks, fume hood, etc., so that the deep water dang national primary kitchen from the past simple rural stoves upgraded to today's modern cooker, the kitchen has become sanitary and tidy, and cooking cooked food is also convenient and quick many, can let the children in time to eat clean and hygienic hot food, greatly improved the children's living conditions. Wan donated "Love table" It is understood that the deep water Dang National Primary School is Shaoguan the only Yao Primary school, a total of 136 students, 90% of the students are Yao. Their farthest home from the school has more than 20 kilometers, the whole campus has 50 students live in the school, three meals a day to rely on the canteen to solve. The school's principal Luo, before the school because of financial difficulties, canteen facilities are very simple, especially rice equipment, can only use the most primitive, the most crude rice method, not only can not heat preservation, and occasionally appear half-cooked. After class every day, the students can only cold under the cold dish. "Summer is OK, can be in the winter, the food is cold, the children are very easy to have diarrhea and so on." Media-Enterprise linkage to build healthy and orderly normal public welfare mechanism million and "Love Kitchen" project began in June 2012 in Foshan, the first public charity project competition finals. In this competition, a total of beautiful, Wan, etc.17 Foshan first Charitable Alliance Enterprise Sponsorship support competition final selected project. Among them, million and decided to donate to build a "Love Kitchen" project, the project at that time by Foshan daily as the "most in Tune" Project, and received praise and praise from all parties. Wan donated "Love Cupboard" as the first public Welfare Alliance platform in Foshan, Foshan public Charity Alliance by the Foshan Media Group, Foshan Day newspaper, together with more than 10 leading enterprises jointly launched the establishment. Through the media enterprises linkage, the Alliance is committed to building professional, transparent platform for public welfare, enhance the full and effective use of public welfare resources, the construction of sunshine, continuous Foshan public charity linkage system, which will change the past, Foshan business community public welfare power dispersed, the situation of singles alone, cohesion more social forces to participate in charity, holding group to care about the weak society , collective action to carry forward the social public good culture, aggregation show the public welfare energy of Foshan business community, promote Foshan corporate citizens charitable, jide Foshan public charity culture, the overall promotion of Foshan corporate citizens social image. The kids are having a good time. "Pay attention to people's livelihood, repay the society", Wan in its rapid development, but also has been consciously assumed as a corporate citizen's social responsibility. In February 2013, Wan continued to join the second charity Alliance in Foshan. After the deep water Dang National Primary School of "Love Kitchen", Wan will be in the poor remote areas of schools donated to build more "Love Kitchen", but also the implementation of "Love Bathhouse" project, for the children of the mountains to send love and warmth, so that the love of corporate citizens can be normalized continuity.
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