"Million pioneering show" down to a successful conclusion the million-dollar fund olive throwing to the knowledge of the operations

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"Million entrepreneurial show" since the start of the day by the broad attention of all walks of life, after one months of tension, recruitment, screening, preliminary, contact work, and finally ushered in the final selection results: "Knowledge of the operation" from the participation in the selection of materials in accordance with the requirements of the first instance of the 89 pioneering projects to stand out, get the event of the cooperation of the launching Agency- "Jingwei China" millions venture capital investment.

From November 15 to the start of the project collection to November 28, a short period of two weeks, uploaded to the investment Circle website to participate in the "million entrepreneurial show" activities of more than 160, covering TMT, new Energy, consumer services, infrastructure construction and other industries of entrepreneurial projects. After the 28th project collection stage comes to an end, the final selection stage, the event by the Jingwei China management partner David David, partner Zolingye, Vice President Shaomin, Vice president Juhaibo and investment manager Wang Yu composition of the review committee, in addition to online evaluation and selection, for the project evaluation and inspection of some details, Also with some entrepreneurs in the offline telephone communication and face-to-face communication, in order to ensure the rigor of the selection, did a lot of work.

Online solicitation is the most convenient and powerful way for the entrepreneurial team to find a platform to show their own stage and investment institutions looking for their favorite projects, but investment is not a simple thing, simple words on the line, for investment institutions and start-ups, lack of communication and understanding.

After careful screening and consideration, in the last week of activity, Jingwei China selected 89 projects from the selection of nearly 20 in line with Jingwei investment direction and strategy of entrepreneurial projects, under the line of docking.

For this selected venture project----------------------------------------------------------------- In the direction and transformation of data to business, the knowledge-generation operation reflects the professional, efficient and accurate business level. In the data mining precision and data capture channel, the knowledge of the operations also has a unique solution and cooperation resources to ensure their own advantages.

At the same time, for the project, latitude and longitude to select 10 of the most representative projects, to comment on, hoping to give the vast number of entrepreneurs to learn from: ①: Music industry Kickstarter, the public pay model into the independent music production field of good try.

② Multi-Cattle network: Simulation of the community, social financial investment products good exploration.

③ in the Wine network: online and offline entity store combination of retail channels, line up the logic of online collaboration is critical.

④ Pure Golf Net: Golf industry vertical business, membership, ball sales and booking, tourism services combined. There is still much room for exploration in the development of vertical electric business.

⑤ 帷幄: A platform based on HTML5 mobile application development tools to reduce the technical threshold, improve development efficiency, but still with the original application has a certain gap.

⑥IDEA3: The sharing community of creative products, whether users need vertical class Pinterest is worth exploring.

⑦ Ming Road: Based on automotive OBD mobile end detection and diagnostic applications, in the business model has a lot of space to explore.

⑧ Home: Develop the smart phone UI interface for the elderly, unique positioning, very love project.

⑨ Network: Group meetings and Tourism customization services, how to effectively access users is critical.

⑩ Network: One-stop SEO management platform, standardization of services, product and software is the key.

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