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Beijing Time February 15 news, according to foreign media reports, "Hidden Chronicles" and "Castleville" and other new games to increase the impetus of millions of gamers, the world's largest social game developers Zynga fourth quarter revenue exceeded market expectations.

Zynga's fourth-quarter earnings, released in Tuesday, showed revenue of 311.2 million U.S. dollars in the fourth quarter ended December 31, 2011, up 59% from a year earlier. According to Bloomberg statistics, market analysts had averaged 301.1 million dollars in Zynga's fourth-quarter earnings. Without the US GAAP, Zynga's earnings per share in the fourth quarter amounted to $0.05 trillion, surpassing expectations of an average of $0.03 trillion by market analysts.

Zynga, which raised 1 billion of billions of dollars last December through its IPO, is currently the biggest gaming app developer on Facebook. Lazard Capital CMC analyst Attur Baga (Atul Bagga) said that Zynga's fourth-quarter revenue surge was largely driven by new games that could entice users to spend more. Baja said, "Compared with the old game, Hidden Chronicles and other games are more profitable." The analyst advises investors to "buy" Zynga shares in investor reports.

While the company's fourth-quarter results exceeded market expectations, Zynga's share price continued to fall in subsequent intraday trading. The cumulative rise in Zynga's share price has risen to 44% since the deal was traded last December 16. Zynga's shares rose 0.93 dollars in conventional trading in the Nasdaq Stock market in Tuesday, up 6.95% per cent to 14.35 dollars.

Facebook, which submitted its prospectus this month, plans an IPO to boost Zynga's share price. As the world's largest social networking site, Facebook says 12% of its revenue comes from Zynga. When users buy virtual items in Zynga games, Facebook will charge a 30% split as a fee.

Lazard Capital CMC expects the social gaming market to reach $5.33 billion trillion this year, up 40% from a year earlier. Although "Hidden Chronicles" was released just last month, it has become the third most popular game for Zynga, with a monthly player reaching 30.2 million, according to data from AppData, a social networking site application research firm. Before this game is the "CityVille" and "Texas Poker Player" (Texas Holdem Poker).

EA has been a major competitor in Zynga's social gaming arena, with 20.9 million players in the Sims Social, a social gaming video. In addition, Rovio, the Angry Birds game developer, also became a potential competitor for Zynga this week as it unveiled the Angry Birds for the Facebook platform. According to AppData, Zynga's games occupy 6 of the 7 most popular gaming apps on the Facebook platform.

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