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Website Optimization Analysis:
The 1,www.mainone.com website operates for more than three years and has a huge content library and certain external links. The site's world ranking within 1000 is a very promising station. But because the site itself does not have any access to the search engine for its work. is one of the biggest drawbacks of the website. For a business-to-business website we take the optimization method to Alibaba this optimization very successful website and combine the unique website characteristic of Ming million to optimize the website. First of all, the site is positioned as a business-to-business business site where we mainly optimize the company's commercial product information and company stores. The site's homepage content design, in particular, excessive external links spread the site's PR value so that the internal page of the weight of the increase is greatly affected by this aspect to be reasonable adjustment. http://b2b.mainone.com/for the two-level domain name of the merchandise navigation link address unreasonable need to adjust the purpose is to make all these linked pages have a good ranking.
2,http://trade.search.mainone.com/s_sd.aspx?for=supply&type=byelement&page=0&elementid= 1000007 Similar search pages are made to adjust content and links to make them better ranked. Finally is the shop page optimization. You can see that the store has been all realized static and already have a very high page included in the source code is also relatively concise. But because did not catch the search engine for the page index algorithm characteristics and good optimization processing page itself no matter in Baidu or Google have no good rankings. We are based on the characteristics of the search algorithm after processing can make the general product and company pages have a better ranking, in the increase in access and recognition of the degree of great help.

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