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Stationmaster all believe a truth: content is king, outside chain is emperor. No content of the site is like an empty shell, even if a user came in, will immediately turn off the page to leave, because the content is a site's soul, there is no place to attract them. To mention the high profitability of the site conversion rate, we have to do a lot of things, we must design a user to leave the reason.

1. Website Process Design

Here, mainly to talk about operating procedures, such as registration page, registration page We can be streamlined to only require users to fill out the mailbox and name, and then through other means a little bit of induction users to fill out, these are basically general, shopping websites, information sites are more suitable. What do you think should be left, to do what you want to do, do not imitate other websites all of a sudden throw up.

2, website button design

A small icon design, of course, there are consulting buttons, Favorites button, registration button, and so on, roughly similar to their design methods, here we should note that the button design must be large and clear, coloring a certain to prominent, you can put the contact method next to let the user determine the key point this button, he will see, This brings him convenience.

3. Good copy Writing

The viewer can not see you more kind, the expression is more sincere, all this only use the text on the site to reflect, then we should pay attention to the title of the copy, and then write post discussion, especially for milk powder, batteries, moving service enterprises must use strong words to convince viewers.

4, Product 11566.html "> Information design

We take the product as an example, how to let a user to your website interest, the most important is the product information design, super Detailed product information design is very important. Of course, service information design is also very important, do not let users in your site to find problems, and you help him solve a problem.

Users from access to your site, to understand your site, your products, are from your content to obtain information, so as to allow your site to obtain traffic, and ultimately improve the conversion rate of profitability!

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