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Absrtact: Wake up in the morning, stretch comfortably, pick up the bedside cell phone, hold down the screen, and say good morning to it. In about 50 milliseconds, the phone starts playing. Hey, breakfast! ("Good morning, Morning Beauty" lyrics) This is your favorite song, you

Wake up in the morning, stretch comfortably, pick up your bedside cell phone, hold down the screen, and say "Good morning" to it. In about 50 milliseconds, the cell phone starts playing "Hey, eat breakfast!" ("Good morning, Morning Beauty" lyrics) ... This is your favorite song, every cell in your body begins to wake up, and the flowing music feels comfortable. This is "Music Flow", a musical player that understands you.

When Raven Technology CEO Lu Yu his music in front of people, the first touch, you may find it simple and rough, and even a moment at a loss. Because the app is so weird, there are no buttons on the UI. It takes the pride of a few artist designers, to the user to adapt to its wayward. However, after a few minutes, you may fall in love with it: Hold down the phone screen anywhere, tell it what you want to hear, or just your emotional expression, your state of the moment, it will sound for you. Left-sliding cover paused, slid down to switch the next one, to share on the slide.

It is so simple to the extreme.

However, this simple and even some shabby design behind, actually has founder Lu Yu to music, human-computer relations and this era of thinking.

-What are we listening to when we listen to music on our cell phone?

Lu Yu says the voice is powerful, and this is not a sight or touch. You can close your eyes and retract your hands, but you can still hear a faint sound as you cover your ears. Can't resist, there's nowhere to run. But music is a favorite thing, and listening to music on the phone has its special place. Now most people are doing other things while listening to music, music is a kind of anytime and anywhere demand, to some extent, the sound form of "companionship" is a scene of "background music." For example, a birthday party, when everyone shouted "Happy Birthday" to the birthday girl, what is more cool than the music sounded at the same time on the phone? When there is a real need to appreciate music, people do not choose a mobile phone media. Listening to music carefully is immersion. Lu Yu said he was a music enthusiast with professional headphones and speaker equipment, and that the immersion experience was simply impossible to achieve with the sound of the phone and the noisy surroundings (most of it).

For the time we are in, Lu Yu is a pessimist. Today is a trending era, people in a wave of "hot spots" in the constant convergence, and constantly lose their distinctive taste and become numb. A brush friend circle, are APEC blue, the brainwashing of the Divine Comedy wave after wave, people feel disgusted at the same time but can't help humming. But this is the time, the individual is actually very powerless. Open a music player, people's choice is not too little, but too much. In the face of millions music library, we actually do not know what they want. This from the music stream background data can be seen: The key word called song 45% is "casual." He admits it's hard to create a playlist now. Most of the time, it's just a sort of thing to listen to in the past.

Based on this observation and analysis, he does not agree with the current design of most player products: the product is not to solve the "pain point", but "demand." For example, users want to fire, "pain point" thinking is, I should drill wood to get fire, or to provide matches, or lighters? The "demand" mentality is to explore the things behind. Why do users fire? If you want to keep warm, then I will do cotton-padded jacket, or provide electric heating, but if it is cooking, I should give the induction cooker. Back to music, when users listen to music on the phone, he is not looking for a song, but this scene should appear music.

See here, some people may naturally associate with a similar product: JINGFM. The same is based on the user's description to provide music, what is the difference between the two? Lu Yu replied that Le Stream makes the user's expression simpler and more straightforward. For example, the JINGFM user's expression is "I want a rhythmic, very impatient", and to the Le stream here, the user only has to say "I'm driving", based on speech recognition and semantic analysis technology, Le Stream can read user instructions, play the music users may want. The accuracy of the match depends on the recognition technology and the progress of machine learning, and the more users have the data, the more they understand the user's habits, including speech accents, language usage habits and music preferences.

-Make the product has the tangle also has the adherence

At first, Lu Yu didn't want to add any buttons to the app's design, and he wanted to get the user's attention up to the top of the screen and listen to music. He was very much in favor of the Chowa Lord,

"A lot of times, arranges don ' t know what tightly want the show it to loop."

So, he believes that the design is the best, even if you need to pay some of the cost of educating users.

However, received feedback from users, le Stream has made some compromises. For example, taking into account the inconvenient situation, increased the function of shaking the text input, and then to the right to switch between Chinese and English context. Of course, this is mainly due to technical considerations. According to Lu Yu, Chinese and English mixed context is one of the most difficult problems in the field of speech recognition technology, so the distinction is made to improve the accuracy and enhance the user experience. Le Stream also has the stick. After countless experiments, the team found that the 2G network environment music streaming effect is not good enough, so decided not to open the use of 2G environment.

Put their own products in the perfect state of the present, this is the product of the people insist on it.


"It's not exactly a product, it's project," he says. Lu Yu said. He hopes to change the current human-computer relationship by making people realize that machines can be a company, not a hindrance. So that people can spend their time on more meaningful things.

Of course, you may not need a mobile phone in the future, but you find that you can not live without it. Because, it is so understand you. (High energy: try to ask a happy flow, excavator technology which strong?) )

By the way. This April, this year's CEO with a one-minute demo to get a good and latitude millions of dollars investment; November 3, le streaming iOS version online, only friends recommended, 3 days in the itunes music class download into the top 20. (Android version has been online recently)

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