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With the surging tide of global mining mergers and acquisitions, China's domestic mining mergers and acquisitions are also accelerating. Baosteel Holdings Army Day Steel, Mei Jin Energy backdoor Tianyu Electric, such as mining mergers and acquisitions big case has become a hot spot in the 2007 capital market, following the iron and steel, coal, after the lead, the beginning of 2008, with Non-ferrous Metals as the protagonist of the mining merger drama has opened the curtain. It is reported that Liaoning Haicheng a large magnesium mining enterprises have been eyeing the listed company Jing Lun Electronics, is intended to borrow capital through mergers and acquisitions. With the global price of non-ferrous metals soaring, mining companies have a huge cash flow, providing a possibility for the mining merger heat. Since 2003, the global market, especially in emerging markets continued to increase consumer demand, there has been a pattern of demand, resulting in high prices of products and long-term operation. Sustained high prices, and the increase in costs far less than the rise in prices to bring the industry's high prosperity, mining enterprises profit expectations to increase continuously. Mining companies holding a lot of money in their hands, but also put a lot of pressure on them, they need to increase the amount of resources in hand, otherwise, a little bit will be the opponent to rob the opportunity. At present, the newly discovered large mines have fewer resources, and the resource quality and metal grade are declining. On the one hand, the cost of global investment in resource exploration has increased significantly over the past few years, but there have been few newly discovered large ore bodies. On the other hand, compared with the exploration and development of its own mines, the acquisition of mature mining enterprises has more economic value and timeliness, that is, the uncertainty of mergers and acquisitions is far less than the direct development of mines; the possibility and economic value of mining mergers and acquisitions have brought the heat of mining mergers and acquisitions, The direct consequence to the market is the further concentration of resources. As people pay more attention to energy and environment, there is "green metal" known as magnesium and magnesium alloy received unprecedented attention, as a strategic resource in the 21st century, magnesium due to its lightweight and other excellent performance, in aerospace, military, automotive, communications, electronics, medicine and other aspects have extremely wide and important applications. The specific strength of MG alloy is higher than that of aluminum alloy and steel, which is much higher than that of aluminum alloy and steel, and the wear resistance is better than that of mild steel, and the damping performance and magnetic shielding performance are much better than that of aluminum alloy. Magnesium alloy, as the lightest structural material, can produce a new type of car with light weight, less fuel consumption and environmental protection, which can meet the requirement of increasingly stringent energy saving and exhaust emission. It is estimated that a car if the use of magnesium alloy instead of aluminum, not only cost can be reduced, and in the car strength, the overall weight can be reduced by about 200 kg. Because magnesium has many incomparable characteristics, in recent years, the country has greatly accelerated the research and development of this strategic resource, Ministry of Science and Technology Minister Xu in the National Conference on Science and Technology, said in a speech, "through the key technology research and industrialization of magnesium alloys, The formation of a complete industrial chain from the production of high-quality magnesium materials to the manufacture of magnesium alloy products has laid the foundation for China to realize the leap from magnesium resource to magnesium resource power. "Magnesium is one of the few advantageous metal resources in China, the dataShow that China's magnesium ore resources accounted for about 70% of the world, and Liaoning Haicheng magnesium ore resources accounted for about 70% of China, therefore, Liaoning Haicheng magnesium resources accounted for nearly 50% of the world's magnesium resources, the concentration of resources, directly leading to increased concentration of industry, contribute to the industry's pricing power. It can be said that the Haicheng in Liaoning to a certain extent, already have the ability to grasp the global magnesium products pricing power potential. It is reported that the Liaoning Haicheng this large-scale magnesium mining enterprises to the fine-LUN electronics mergers and acquisitions, mainly for the purpose of the integration of magnesium ore resources in Haicheng area of Liaoning Province, according to the plan, the enterprise and Jing Lun after the successful acquisition, will be through the form of additional financing of billions of yuan, and the funds for the Haicheng area of the magnesium ore large-scale integration, With the local government to the pollution of large-scale small-scale magnesium mining enterprises to carry out merge, to build with nearly half of the world's magnesium resources, "China magnesium industry" as a leader, Liaoning Haicheng construction into the world's largest light metal industry base, at the same time, this is the country "XV" major special "scientific and technological research and development of magnesium alloy application and industrialization" Objective: To establish the technological innovation system of magnesium alloys, to accelerate the application and development of magnesium resources in China, to cultivate the related High-tech industry groups, and to transform our country's magnesium resources advantage into economic advantage. Analysts pointed out that the growth of non-ferrous metals supply will be constrained by the shortage of resources for a long time, the shortage of resources will be difficult to meet the growth of consumer demand in emerging markets, and the lack of resources, but also directly improve the value of resources, so as to increase the price of metal pricing range. At present, the non-ferrous metal plate stock price is high, and magnesium is the concept of non-ferrous metals in the tin industry shares, Bao Titanium shares, Chi Hong Zinc germanium, Jean Nickel industry's share price is more than 60 yuan. In terms of mergers and acquisitions of Fong Electronics, its shareholding structure is clear, all shareholders are natural persons, and equity is small, stock price is not high, has a strong ability to expand equity and small acquisition costs. At present, the global market is full of expectations of mineral mergers and acquisitions around the world, if the fine-LUN electronics can eventually be derived from the "Chinese magnesium industry", it will undoubtedly set off the 2008 Chinese mining mergers and acquisitions tide in the head row of waves.
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