Ministry of Railways: evaluation of high-speed rail not profit and loss to consider social benefits big account

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"Caijing reporter Yau Jiawei" On the morning of August 19, the Ministry of Railways Transport Bureau integrated Department director Li June to "financial" reporter said: "Evaluation of China's high-speed railway should not be a mere profit and loss of the" small account ", but should be integrated into consideration, the social comprehensive benefits of the" big account. China has now put into operation more than 360 groups of EMU, including 250 kilometers per hour emu more than 200 groups, more than 350 kilometers per hour of 100 groups.  At the end of this year, China's train will reach 500 groups, China's high-speed rail has been running 280 million kilometers, transporting 500 million passengers. In response to questions about the profit and loss of high-speed rail, Li stressed that the most important significance of high-speed rail is not to make money, but rather to the convenience of people living, economic growth and other social benefits.  In China, high-speed rail is a new thing, people fully accept the high-speed rail needs a process, not overnight. Li pointed out that with the improvement of living standards and the changing of the concept of Chinese people, the number of high-speed rail will increase, the number of high-speed rail will increase, and the income of high-speed railway will naturally rise.  BEIJING-Tianjin inter-city high-speed railway in the new year when the same income than spending, but two years later today, has basically achieved break-even. In terms of speed, China's high-speed rail has been leading the world with 350 kilometers per hour, Li said. Currently operating in the Gao Tiezhong, France's east high-speed rail speed of 320 kilometers, is the highest speed abroad. Under construction Gao Tiezhong, Japan has lagged behind China in the speed of its existing high-speed rail transformation after it speeds up to 320 kilometers per hour.  and from the technical standards, energy conservation and environmental protection, China's high-speed rail is also in the world's leading level. It is reported that most foreign high-speed trains are in a net loss state. (Executive editor Susie claims network editor Liu Yue)
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