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The first Hollywood Act of the Dragon, Mission 4: The Phantom Agreement with excellent action stunts, gorgeous framing, a variety of High-tech spy equipment show off, compact plot and animation-style narrative model in the world to obtain more than 500 million dollars in the box office-of course, and middle-aged handsome Atongo gas still.

See here, listed as if it was a film review. Of course not, but on the "Mission 4" in the room to find out exactly-you will discover that the whole story revolves around the enterprise-class room. Note that this article seriously spoilers, like the surprise, please be careful.

Brick One: Czech prison http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/29979.html "> Security monitoring has reached international advanced level

The film begins with Tom's prison break in the Czech Republic, where everyone finds the importance of skill in addition to showing no bright spots in the muscles. The bright spot (or the joke point) instead is in as the technical support anji body--yes, here is the prison security monitoring system. Careful viewer will find that the prison has been hit by an exceptionally advanced Full HD, full view monitoring system,

And all access to the use of adsorption-type single-control two-way door-although it is difficult to understand why a prison to do such a scale of technical input, but see the prison manager's monitoring room, we once again surprised--CCTV system (not CCTV) unexpectedly use of the TCP/IP network, generally for such critical task areas , we all like the use of analog signal network to facilitate the recording of data, but also applicable to high-definition monitoring bandwidth requirements. TCP/IP from latency, bandwidth, and security depends on the strength of the software solution and the internal architecture, which means the prison is more like a small private enterprise warehouse monitoring environment.

Brick two: pad really omnipotent

The next plot is to blow up the Kremlin (bad American imperialism), what's more eye-catching is the real-time back-projection device Tom and Anji fiddling in the hallway to trick the guards-noting the platform for computing and control, without suspecting that it was a pad, but not an ipad. The point is that the pad is not wired to the camera and the projection, that is, all the operations are done wirelessly. Yes, WIFI, Bluetooth, even WiMAX and other technologies which can achieve such high-definition data flow processing and low latency it ... Another focus is real-time rendering, and Huang's Tegra 3 cannot be rendered so quickly. But all of the above questions can be explained by sophisticated spy technology, a mysterious word.

Core scene One: Khalifa room

After filming a few bricks, speaking of the room. The lower half of the film can be said to revolve around the room. The first is Tom on the Khalifa on the swing of the series of people afraid of high action, are to enter the hotel room, intrusion into the server to gain control.

The first climax of the film, Tom Climb Khalifa only to enter the computer room ...

In the film for the Tower Data Center setting is: Located on the 137 floor, network firewall is military level password and hardware gateway, the door of the room is also bank vault level. With such a setting to limit Tom can only crawl in from the outside, we do not discuss why the Dubai people spend such a great price after the door and firewall, but left the window this loophole. Alone in the room set on the 137 floor, there seems to be some problems-we generally know that the enterprise room will be placed in a layer or the bottom of the floor because of the unit area of Load-bearing Limited, some water-cooled cabinets empty also has two tons of weight. On the other hand, high-rise buildings tend to focus on their own center of gravity, in such a high place, with dozens of cabinets, from the power supply, heat dissipation, load-bearing, handling and other points of view is not suitable.

Perhaps it is Tom play thrilling time more appropriate.

Neatly arranged cabinets in the machine room

On the other hand, when Tom into the computer room, after all, incredibly, did not touch any alarm. We all know that even in the small room, there will be security cameras to ensure the safety of the room-and important rooms and even in and out of the security, the internal temperature and humidity probes. Compared to the military-class access control and firewalls, this aspect is really on the spared brother.

Surprise also have, when Athon elder brother Complacent easy to fix, insert U disk to crack server (in fact I personally think should be retro, insert floppy disk more fun), see, is that the light is that light--dell PowerEdge server close-up. In fact, in the "Green Lantern", "Top Secret Flight" and many other films (TV series "24 Hours", etc.), we can find the computer room of the Dell server cluster, the reason is not clear, but also a positive bar.

Unfortunately, the computer room management staff is not professional, unexpectedly did not disable the foreign USB device, a U-brother in a plug on the easy input of the virus, took over the permissions.

Core Scenario Two: India's computer room is very characteristic of heat dissipation

OK, now for the last scene-Mumbai, India. Aside from the Big Show career line, the female agent does not talk, the scene she was so hot to get the command of the military satellite, while the other team stopped the local data center ventilation facilities-into the room to try to turn off the satellite before the bad guys. The result was unsatisfactory, the big girl didn't get the Indians, the bad guys fired the bomb. And in the room of the agents are hot sweating-their previous conversation on the plane is also around the room temperature spread. Here it is necessary to emphasize, in fact, the room will be so hot?

One is to look at the load, the server is idle, also not very hot, and the second is full of the external cooling to stop the temperature will indeed rise. The film does not explain why a person's home room will be so full load operation, and heat dissipation to take a concentrated way to draw gas (it is really the chimney-type layout of the hot wind). Then turn off the heat, why these servers temperature rise so much but not panic-unfortunately, the director did not let us see which product is so stable.

The bad guys behind the cabinet are bare outside the network cable and so on-this station is too unprofessional, wiring are not neat

Untold hardships, everyone finally to the final scene, the bad guys destroyed the station's server equipment-this can not call the room, messy heap together, the bad guys pulled out two hard drives, but also pulled a number of wire, fiber optic cable to destroy OH. Why don't the bad guys break the power but go downstairs and pull the gates, really trouble. Why the good man got the electricity, hard disk plugged in, the moment the machine started, the satellite signal on the response to no delay, issued a moratorium on nuclear explosions command.

Well, to this I idle to pick the choice of the soft hard bug, after all, is the film, all when amusing. But the two main scenes in the movie are centered around the room, and it really makes us feel that enterprise-class it plays a significant role in both commercial blockbusters and spy operations. And the film for the computer room security, heat and other aspects of the mention, but also let people more or less feel the homework behind.

(Author: Meng Editor: Xu Jinyang)
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