"Mix-and-match" channel mode of regional appliance chain under the tide of electric merchants

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Last year, the electric dealer on the one or two level of household electrical appliances market impact significantly, this year in the three or four market also developed rapidly. Not only Suning, Gome, Beijing-east and other electronic business forms, expand the coverage of rural markets. Regional household appliances chain also in the days of the cat opened shop, to explore suitable for their electrical business model.

In the era of electricity, the boundaries between national chains and regional chains became increasingly blurred. At some point, the regional chain will become a big power supplier in the three or four-tier market "landing" service providers. However, the regional chain to settle down, not only to "keep", but also to "attack."

"Mix and Match" mode

May 6, the earliest landing in the capital markets of the regional chain "Hui Silver Home Appliances" cat flagship store online. Not only remit silver, Zhejiang Hundred Prudential, Fujian Southeast electrical appliances, Wuhan Industry and trade and other regional appliance chain Enterprises have opened a flagship store in the sky.

Younger, the network highly dependent on the new consumer groups to the three or four-tier home power market to bring opportunities. "The growth of physical stores does not match the growth of retail sales in the whole society, and the development of E-commerce is faster than expected." "Cao Quanping, chairman and chief executive officer of the Board of Silver appliances.

In fact, Huiyuan, which has been rooted in the three or four market, earned 2.458 billion yuan last year, down 13.3% per cent year-on-year. However, its 2011 establishment of the Electric Business Platform Lok Tiger Network, 2012 sales revenue has been over billion. Now, set foot in the Sky cat, is to go to the online "downtown" open shop.

This is also due to the situation. A middle-level suning easy to buy has revealed that the electric business is Su Ning to the three or four market expansion of the sharp weapon, as long as in the countryside set up some pick-up point, can solve the rural market logistics cost high problem.

"We must actively embrace the electrical business. "Silver Home Appliances President Assistant Guo Guangzhong to the" First financial daily, "said reporters.

Different from Suning easy to buy, Gome online b-c, regional chain is generally "mixed" electric business model.

Guo Guangzhong says it is difficult to get the next concept to the bank's electric dealer: it is "OTO", the rural network can become Lok Tiger NET and its day cat shop pick-up point, it is also "B", to the franchise stores and other retailers distribution, it is still "b-c", consumers can order in the shop.

Uncertain future

In the era of electric business, the ecology of rural household electrical appliance channel is changing.

Southeast Electrical Appliances Chairman Ongwu Frankly, they will provide "the last kilometer" distribution, maintenance service for the rural household electrical appliance net purchase. Many mainstream household electrical appliances in Fujian after-sales service to the southeast electrical appliances do. For example, Suning easy to buy the electrical appliances sold, in Fujian if the need for after-sales service, may be by the Southeast electrical appliances staff door.

However, to become a large power provider, this is only a "Shou" card. Ongwu said, must "attack", the regional chain future can get a foothold. The so-called "offense", is to do their own electric business, and expand the differentiated business, including commercial air-conditioning, smart home and so on.

South East electrical Appliances Cat Shop, since the opening in August 2012, Income monthly growth. According to Wu Hanjian, Deputy secretary general of China Household Appliances Business Association, Zhejiang Hundred sincere cat shop last year sold 2~3 billion, this year is expected to impact 1 billion yuan.

Guo Guangzhong that "geo-advantage" is the regional chain to do the biggest trump card dealers. "A village 2000~3000 people, 500~600 households, a rural network coverage 3~4 kilometers, network staff can visit 2 families one day." The online "Waiter" service is better than this "neighbor" relationship. ”

But Su ning, Jing Dong These two years increased the strength of the three or four level market logistics construction. Foshan Small ice Fire Man Network Technology Co., Ltd. CEO Peng Limin that there are distribution, after-sales strength of the regional chain to do all the power grid to buy a certain advantage. But once Su Ning, Jing Dong completes the National Logistics network, will weaken the regional chain the geographical superiority.

Allwin Consulting Vice President Shengjie analysis that the large chain and the infiltration of strong channels in the region weaken the influence of local traditional channels, the electricity business to accelerate the penetration of the three or four-tier market, "three or four channel business needs to be transformed." He suggested that regional chains should form a multi-stakeholder community, from tradesman to merchants, and through entities and virtual channels.

However, Wu-Xian, although Suning, Gome, Beijing and east are strength, but the regional chain of electric business is mostly tied to the platform of the cat, the supplier of the cat also has support policies. Regional chain of procurement is not as large as the above three, may purchase a slightly higher cost, but the regional chain operation costs are lower, can be internal digestion.

"Therefore, in the field of electrical business, large and regional chain will have room." Wu Xian Jian said, but do not do the regional chain of electric dealers certainly not, after all, electrical appliances in the retail household appliance in the future will be up to 20% or more.

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