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In the Webmaster Net homepage of this article "local Station big business opportunities: Internet Local Service ushered in rapid development, which for example to some examples, there are more well-known 19 floor, Jinan-Yang community, Yantai Forum, and so on different levels of the city's portals, forum sites, the author has also been operating a local nature of the site, But suffer from not enough human resources, now temporarily stranded in the side, then for the webmaster friends to discuss the local site there is no room for development, today Mo Shi trillion on the local site to carry out a simple sharing, first of all to understand the charm of the local site and the prospects for the development of the former condition bar, This is to do the station or already in the station friend a more specific direction, such a role is to quickly find the direction of profit development.

1th: Construction of local Web site type selection is conducive to the development of strong

At present, I understand that some small and medium-sized cities will generally have government websites and Sina and other mainstream sites of the regional site, these are mainly for the publication of news and Major events, then the type of local Web site can be summed up as follows: portals, forums, real estate, news, talent, information, navigation, SNS, microblogging, convenience, life services and so on , at present, each type in different places are doing, the profit model is more intuitive, the author analysis of several of the following, the portal and the type of news needs to have a certain amount of manpower, this investment comparison, comparison site column is more, and also need to master the first time news information. More developed is the forum and SNS such interactive type of Web site, such a site is easy to manage and develop, the type of site affects the income of the site, but relatively speaking to do a special site, and then to the propaganda, the effect is good, these for the novice webmaster or small webmaster is relatively easy to do.

2nd: Local Nature website Service Local citizen is the most advantageous propaganda means

I now and you talk about the future development of local sites, there is a need to share with you the object of service and the masses, do the local site we all understand that the crowd is local residents and out of the local residents mainly, but the author found that a lot of websites in this is not very reasonable, I remember visiting some local websites to learn some time ago, found that the content of the site has deviated from the site itself, the first issue of domestic or international events on the content of the site has a certain role, but suggested that the number of articles should not exceed the local news events, the core of the local residents, so conducive to the cohesion of the Internet users of the collection , everyone likes a more lively place, this is the Chinese hobby, so in the content of the webmaster should pay attention to serving local residents, whether you are provincial local website or county site, do a good job of local services will let you experience the role of netizens, this in the development prospects affect the development of the site.

3rd: Characteristics of local Web services for the site to enhance the core competitiveness

Website Development Mo considered to be critical, the author observes some local websites, many are imitates other people's site, oneself does not have the core competitiveness, the core competitive power to the website development foreground plays the very big role, in this everybody also understood some reason, the author does not say, said that how to build the core competitive power, The enhancement of core competence is able to make the website develop rapidly, the core of the site competition to innovate first, imitate other people's things in their own place may not be appropriate, perhaps it is the reverse, the characteristics of local websites are now more common active life interaction, including some line under the party, we know each other. Hot Topic discussion, the author has visited some websites is such an operation, on the one hand can gather strength, also for the atmosphere of the site to create conditions.

The author analyzes the development foreground of the local website from several aspects, perhaps you can not read what foreground, this author points out, the article counter thinking reading, from point of departure, Mo today to share here, the development of local website still has advantage. This article by Mo Shi trillion original, this article address: (reprint please indicate the source, respect the original webmaster Oh, thank you for your cooperation!)

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