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April 20, 2010, the first station in my life is the Internet, at that time use is the forum, is the product of sing, today, I still miss, will soon be one anniversary, especially want to say oneself one year, oneself is how to get into the Internet Webmaster Circle, hope to give novice a little understanding and reference.

First: Learning about the Internet

Do any thing, we must understand can be handy, in this kind of understanding, I began to learn in school, but the use of mobile Internet, there is no computer, in Baidu search "webmaster", "network promotion" and so on with the Internet closely related to the word, or query how to register the domain name, How to build a personal website and so on, in the process is hard, often because of learning to two or three points, remember several times in the query every famous station, see a more than a clock, like Tencent, Baidu, Baidu Encyclopedia is very long, to slowly learn. Maybe that's when it started. I slowly like the internet, like the webmaster, so now the new webmaster friends, when entering the Internet, please understand the future of all your knowledge, the field of familiarity is the driving force for development, so the first thing is to learn about doing website, and so on the introductory materials.

Second: Learn all the knowledge that other people have now

The second thing I do is to look at other people's articles in A5, because at that time, all appear A5 articles, may be popular, original article is very rich, I began to learn the above soft wen, see every day, and then occasionally also search under, because the division of intelligence and title of these two groupings, so the market choice of intelligence, Now can find in A5 search Mo Shi trillion, is very touched, during this period I come up to see the webmaster Net Update article, until March when registered account. Many times we find the direct resonance from the knowledge of others, is also in such a hard study, my level slow ah slow up, many people say will not be original, may be you learn not enough, now I became a talent pool of talent, got affirmation, so give new come in webmaster friend a little revelation, A lot to learn the other people's things, and then their ability to slowly come up to write good articles.

Third: to finance their own knowledge

Learned the basic theory, read someone else's article, I see is slowly into the direct things, like in A5 published a lot of articles have a direct characteristics, such as: "Through Baidu talents think webmaster industry talent Pool" "Mo Shi trillion: Talk about the importance of the future development of the webmaster" Mo Shi trillion: webmaster must create their own independent blog "Mo Shi trillion: Mao Zedong Strategic thought under the webmaster Propaganda (fifth series), the understanding of a lot of problems are also deeper, but also thanks to write their own characteristics, like, Mao Zedong Strategic Thinking under the webmaster, we webmaster friends in just came in, It is difficult to integrate into their own things, in fact, say some articles, do stand or do, are integrated into their own thinking to do, if I do not have such a thought. Nor do I write such an article. Such integration of their own experience, their own ideas, achievements to the article excellent soft text, so here to enlighten the new webmaster, to their own confidence, slowly into their own, I believe you will succeed.

From three points analysis of their own into the Internet webmaster boundaries of the process, hoping to give you some pee. This article Mo Shi trillion original, A5 starting, article source: Guyuan Personnel Network

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