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The rapid growth of the editor's note/Smart terminal has led to the explosion of application downloads. In app market, China grew 1126% in the first quarter of 2012, according to data from Flurry, a mobile analytics agency. The Chinese market for Android and iOS device activation accounted for the first time to surpass the United States, reached 24%, jumped to the top of the world, become a well-deserved "mobile phone first power." In the context of the big outbreak of mobile application market, the development outsourcing service of app also quickly formed a new market with fierce competition.

With the rapid development of mobile communication infrastructure such as 3G, 4G and WiFi, with the rapid popularization of intelligent terminals based on iOS, Android and WP system, the clients represented by app are thriving, and the app is becoming a toy in the hands of users as well as a marketing tool in the hands of marketers.

The huge market demand makes the line of online merchants to plan the layout of the app to draw users. Last year is a lot of internet companies Beach app, this year, there are many traditional merchants began to enter. In the mobile internet to subvert the Internet business model of the trend and background, personal developers, studios, large and medium-sized outsourcing enterprises in the app service outsourcing market has been fiercely grappling.

There will be a 3-5-year high profit period.

In the current app developer's view, this is still the lower threshold of life, really good outsourcing companies are not many. "Technology is not the most important, it is important to customer demand for in-depth understanding." ”

In the restaurant to take out "micro-letter", sweeping the desktop on the two-dimensional code can be discounted; when bored open "sing" and friend K song, the use of app is imperceptibly infiltrated into people's lives in various fields.

From the previous year's Electronic magazine app mania to the social and O2O apps boom of the last and this year, clients have been able to achieve millions of downloads, making app not just a user's "toy", but a power to subvert an inherently business model. Because app is becoming a new online consumer portal, as well as a brand promotion window for offline traditional businesses.

"Somebody else did, and I'm going to do it." "Today, both e-commerce companies and many traditional retail companies without it technology genes are developing their own apps.

Because app belongs to new technology and model, the development of app is still a big part of the market demand gap in the whole mobile internet industry chain, which brings a flourishing opportunity for app outsourcing industry.

"The app market broke out in 2010, the market has been introduced, it is relatively stable this year, and there will be a 3-5-year high profit period." "For the development of the app outsourcing market, the wireless application product director of Beijing New Network Interconnection Technology Co., Ltd. Yin Han this summary.

Market opportunities also led to the "Immortals" have entered. It is understood that at present, the traditional PC services to the wireless service business, domestic app outsourcing service providers at least 1000.

Around the app industry chain, the industry has spawned a variety of industry-state app development and extension service providers. Both the traditional 4A advertising companies, but also the emerging digital marketing companies in the original line of business for customers to extend the app development marketing services. The latter advantage lies in the ability to plan, the customer's business is more familiar with, thus becoming some app outsourcing company strong competitors. In addition, the market also has ultra-low service costs of individuals and studios. App Outsourcing service provider is a mixed bag, fierce competition.

In addition to the different identities of the open, plagiarism is also very common. Yin Han told the "China Business newspaper" reporter, the current app market, which app has a good user experience, we will compete to imitate, the wind of plagiarism is very prosperous.

Sina Automotive Product director Zhou complained to reporters, "We are the first to do the car app, but because the outsourcing company made products do not give the force, the product internal defects, how to repair also not." This leads directly to the fact that we are not the first on-line product, because the product is not good to delay the overall strategy, then the outsourcing company closed down. ”

Because the market reaction is outsourcing is not reliable, the follow-up service is unsustainable. Since last year, most of the strength of the company are trying to find their own people to develop applications.

Love Totem CEO Lei admits that the problem facing app outsourcing is the mismatch between increasing user experience requirements and poor implementation capabilities caused by low thresholds. At present, many outsourcing services are cheap, but the quality is not good, can not reach customer expectations, it is difficult to do the user experience well, the demand side will naturally think that outsourcing is not reliable.

Exploration of two different profit models

In the view of Analysys International analyst Sun Pelin, pure outsourcing business, long-term market opportunities, but in the future will certainly transition to the design and operation of the level or development platform, services will be more diversified.

Outsourcing service is a price, the labor of the profession. In an industry that needs innovation in the mobile Internet, outsourcing services are clearly unlikely to make a profit on the human cost dividend. And when the price of talent is rising, profits are also gradually reduced.

Love Totem Marketing director Xiao to reporters: currently has a year of iOS development platform experience, starting with 15000 yuan, and an outsourced project will usually include project manager, product Manager, two developers. To ensure quality, 5 people to do a project to one months for the cycle, less than 100,000 yuan of the single, for Love Totem is losing money. However, in some small studios, two people work part-time for 5 people and only need 20,000 yuan. Therefore, the people of your thin, very easy to form the price of vicious competition.

In the development of the app is full of imagination space, under the premise of the app outsourcing can break the labor cost of the low profit bottleneck, the industry's entrepreneurs are actively exploring.

New network Interconnection The traditional PC-end service provider and the love totem of such emerging app outsourcing companies are two distinct paths. The new network interconnection takes the modular low price to earn the large-scale profit, but the totem of Love chooses the custom to earn the high service charge.

Yin Han to reporters, Modularization is based on the five industry general functions of the development of media information, commercial enterprises, portals, catering and other general modules, and then constantly modify the number of these fixed modules according to customer needs and the group operation. Users can enjoy the upgrade free of charge, the cost is continuously diluted through large-scale sales.

Some of the small, price-sensitive companies that use cloud services for them, and launch the app engine or related functional modules, allow these price-sensitive companies to implement self-service online production of apps and operating app content at lower cost and technical thresholds. However, in the present situation, due to the imperfect market conditions, this model has yet to be mature.

For modular operations, lei that this model is the outsourcing into the "crux" of the workforce.

Therefore, lei more support personalized customization, that is, to provide customers with customized products according to their needs. According to his introduction, Love Totem practice is: according to each customer's needs, the service dimension is divided into pre-sale, sale, after sale. Pre-sales support is free to have professionals to understand the needs of users, bring back demand by product designer analysis products, UI design good front-end. First take to the customer to see if it meets the needs, and then determine the order, background development and six months of free maintenance.

Different modes of business operation have brought about various price ranges. Compared with the modular scale profit expectation, personalized customization earns more service money. According to Xiao, the current love totem of Shenzhen Mobile Wireless city and the wisdom of Kunshan two single million is a big single, the first half of the sales have been tens of millions of dollars.

In the view of Analysys International analyst Sun Pelin, pure outsourcing business, long-term market opportunities, but in the future will certainly transition to the design and operation of the level or development platform, services will be more diversified, and the number of market players and the standard degree will be more reasonable.

In addition, from the customer point of view, many customers do not know the location of their own development of the app, the description of their own needs are very vague, which requires outsourcing companies to understand the customer's business in-depth, clear customer needs, and give suggestions. But in the current app developer's view, this is still the lower threshold of life, really good outsourcing companies are not many. "Technology is not the most important, it is important to customer demand for in-depth understanding." Yin Han told reporters.

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